Problematic Android face ID


Apple has a full-proof face recognition technology on the iPhone. This technology has not been found wanting in any way. A good face recognition setup must have features that prevent it from being cheated.

It has not been the case with the Android ecosystem. Samsung Galaxy S8 donned face recognition and it was doing alright until somebody spoiled the party by demonstrating that the system could work by taking a photo of ones face, print the image on Samsung printer and behold the system would unlock using the printout.

Samsung decided to drop the feature in its subsequent Galaxy S-series. And it was for a good reason; Samsung said that it would hold on until the architect of Android operating system would bring to the market much more robust face recognition software in the system.


Meanwhile, Samsung would continue to use fingerprint sensor as log in option.

Google released the much anticipated Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL where its revamped Face Match would feature. As anticipated, the new Smartphone has no Fingerprint sensor; why should it have when it has a Face Recognition feature that should be a match of iPhone’s?

So far; just how good is Samsung’s Face Match? I am sorry to say that it is not as good as there are problems already. What is the problem? Read on.


Samsung overlooked one important aspect; the phone can unlock when your eyes are closed. And how is that supposed to be an issue? You may be asking.

Imagine for the moment that you are taking a nap in the bedroom and your phone is on the side, your spouse walks in, notices that you are snoring. She grabs your Google Pixel 4 XL and runs it across your face and behold, she logs into the world of your secrets.

By the time you wake up, the devils inside her are ready for battle. The rest is for you to figure out.

The essence of this story is that Smartphone’s hold secrets for both men and women. If it were not for rigid login system; whether pass codes, Fingerprint or Face Recognition IDs, many marriages would have collapsed. Trust me.

In terms of technology, this is an issue of security. Login systems must be secure. Samsung’s Face Match overlooked a seemingly small detail issue yet very important,

This is where industrial collaboration becomes important. Back in 2017 when Samsung introduce the amazing infinity display, Apple did not bother to reinvent the wheel. The company went and knocked on Samsung’s door and asked how much Samsung would charge for use of that technology. Now, Google must do the same and save the Android community.

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