‘Prolonged auctions killing gospel concerts’


Some quarters have come out to voice their concern over prolonged auctions during gospel album launches.

It has become a common practice among gospel artists that, when they are launching albums, an auction has to take place.

The auctions take a long time, thereby eroding the time for performances.


It was the same scenario on Sunday when gospel singer Phalyce Malick Mang’anda returned to the stage to launch her third album Mangani Malamba.

There was a prolonged auction that left some people disappointed.

“I am not against the auctions, but they have to be done in an orderly manner. We pay mostly not for auctions but to enjoy the performances. In most cases, we end up not being satisfied because of time,” said Mercy Soko, a gospel fan.


Soko said they failed to enjoy the performance of Miracle Chinga Moffat due to time limitations.

Chinga, who was one of the curtain raisers during the launch, only managed to perform two songs with the third ‘Nzaulura’ ending prematurely as time was up and venue owners switched off the lights.

Another gospel fan, Bright Segula, said he has been patronising different gospel concerts and that he is fed up with prolonged auctions.

“I know this is part of raising money but it’s too much. Maybe they can be having auctions earlier so that people can enjoy non-stop performances,” Segula said.

With several gospel shows registering low patronage of late, Mang’anda’s launch received a fair audience.

Mang’anda said she did not anticipate such an audience.

“I am thankful to God for everything. Having been out of the stage for some time, I did not know I would get such support. This has motivated me to go on and, more importantly, I want to take my music to the world and minister the word of God in all corners of the world,” Mang’anda said.

But the singer failed to give people more songs as she had run out of time and that was also a result of the auction that took place earlier.

“I planned to do six songs but I managed five, which was not bad— but it was all because time was running out,” Mang’anda said.

The singer showed energy on stage during her performance. During her performance, she dished out songs such as the title track ‘Mangani Malamba’.

However, gospel artists need to move out of their comfort zone and become creative with their compositions as some of them have become lazy by relying heavily on hymn songs.

Other acts that performed during the launch include Marvellous Deeds, King James Phiri and Francis Khembo.

“We are happy to have been part and parcel of this launch. People came to support her and this is good, taking into consideration that the situation has not been that healthy of late when it comes to patronage,” Marvellous Deeds said.

Marvellous Deeds— the trio of Francis Phiri, Weston Chipwaila and Abel Sanena— also had their share, performing songs such as ‘Chimwemwe Changa’ and ‘Back to Sender’.

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