Queen Sheba speaks to BBC


United Kingdom-based musician Queen Sheba, real name Racheal Muyeba, has said that she named herself after the biblical figure because Sheba was strong and powerful.

The controversial artist, who has collaborated with a number of musicians including Wikise in the track ‘Chiwanda’, told BBC This is Africa that the name Sheba gives her energy.

“It gives me the energy and the vibe to encourage people,” Queen Sheba said.


The singer, who started her music career two years ago, said she is determined to offer more in the music circle and that she has had to brave the tides to be where she is today.

“I am that kind of woman who does not give up. I feel when I need something I have to push; I have to work hard to get what I need. I am that kind of woman who does not give up. I feel when I need something I have to push, I have to work hard to get what I need,” she said.

Queen Sheba said she loves music, hence taking it head on.


Queen Sheba said she was quite a wild child, going partying and modelling from a young age, much to her mother’s consternation.

In one of her songs ‘Zikomo Mama’, the artist tells the story of how her mother once dragged her to the police station.

“Looking back I think she meant well for me so I decided to come out with something to say ‘thank you’ for bringing me up,” Queen Sheba said.

One of the songs she is proud of is ‘Chiwanda’, which tells the story of a woman who likes to wear revealing clothes.

Queen Sheba herself often appears very scantily clad, and has received a lot of criticism because of this track.

“Our culture is all about covering yourself up and wearing long stuff but I am a woman who appreciates myself and wants to show my body. Women should be comfortable with who they are and accept who they are,” she said.

The artist has since said she is not going to change for anybody “because this is me”.

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