Quiet year for Edgar ndi Davis


Singer and guitarist Davis Njobvu of the Edgar ndi Davis Band has described the year 2017 as silent for them in that they did not do much compared to 2016.
Njobvu, who is a lawyer, said, despite not doing enough in 2017, people, should expect a number of activities this year.
“We would say that 2017 has been relatively quiet for Edgar ndi Davis Band compared to previous years. But, then, that’s to be expected because we were coming from 2016, which was like the peak, when we managed to fulfill our long time plan of taking Giddes Chalamanda to United States of America,” Njobvu said.
He also revealed that they have undergone transformation.
“Apart from Giddes, Edgar and I, we have replaced the entire band and the new team is equally dedicated, committed and fantastic,” Njobvu said.
One of the group’s former drummers, Mada, is now running the rings with reggae group Black Missionaries.
Njobvu said they would want to honour Giddes Chalamanda and the new band with another foreign trip, where they can perform to a different audience.
“We are looking at organising a show, say, in South Africa where we can interact with Malawians there. It would also be great for people there to sample Giddes’ performance live,” he said.
Njobvu also said they plan to finish working on a new album this year.
“We plan to finish our new album, which we started recording in 2017. It is our hope that 2018 will not be a quiet year for us,” he said.
Njobvu thanks people for giving them support last year.
“We are here as Edgar ndi Davis Band because of the support we receive. We are invited to perform at different functions, and the likes of Mr Entertainer Jai Banda and others have always engaged us. So, we are ready to support them in return,” the guitarist said.
Njobvu also thanked Old Mutual for appointing them as brand ambassadors for their products in 2017.
“Capital Alliance also came in and used Giddes Chalamanda in one of their adverts. This support from the corporate world is what we would love to see more going forward and we, as artists, are always ready and willing to work with organisations,” he said.
Edgar ndi Davis Band has created its own style, one that hinges more on traditional music, and they have connected well with veteran player Giddes.

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