Racism: the epitome of human folly


Why the human race – God’s masterpiece – is all tears because of racism and racist wars is a great shame.

To me an unapologetic creationist the origins of racism are a loud manifestation of the fallen state of human beings.

Racism comes out of a gross misinterpretation of the Old Testament principle of a ‘Chosen People’ in the Christian Bible; Darwin’s theories of the species and survival of the fittest and studies that show that black people have different characteristics to white or other races.


Racism has been sustained even in the modern times due to a condescending attitude towards right wing activism, unchecked exercise of power, abuse of riches and a culture of extreme secrecy over exploitation of other weaker humans.

In some countries slavery of black people was not criminalised till the recent 60s and even then black people are still treated as slave labourers. The global world with all the talk about rights is watching with disarming nonchalance.

Whether or not these are the causes, I honestly don’t care. My interest has always been human values, the value of the human spirit and just why humanity is becoming such evil amidst much evangelisation.


It is most unfortunate that human beings are thinking, behaving and treating each other in ways that depart from our own moral, social and intellectual nature.

It is great cause for concern that humanity, human values and human types forming the global human family are all being sacrificed at the altar of power, wealth and perhaps at the altar of survival when there is no competition for survival to justify such ritualistic sadism.

I find it immensely frightening when such primitive thinking and behaviour are anchored in the minds of people and societies that claim highly developed status, global leadership and human freedom; countries which champion respect of life.

Racism is plain wrong, immoral and retrogressive. The modern world cannot have the courage to talk of human development with racism raging and yearly ending hundreds of lives prematurely.

The world and its leaders have no moral high ground to talk of modern social values of equality, equity, justice and freedom and lay claim to modernism in the midst of terribly irrational race instigated violence against innocent citizens

To me racism in any of its forms is an expression of unfathomable ignorance – the epitome of human folly.

It’s most terrifying that with all the education, the technology, the science and religions preaching love, millions of enlightened people still hold on to intense prejudice; entrenched social and physical discrimination; and perpetrate extreme violence premised on racial difference.

It seems not one person stops to think of what racial diversity is for; how it can be used to advance communities and the global village.

There is only limited understanding that diversity is actually a ‘competitive advantage’ not a disadvantage; it is not a cause for bloodletting or brutal law enforcement.

It is a cause for celebration of cultural and historical treasure that chronicles the human journey. Not tears.

In my view, racism has no rational origins. It is only a creation of humans to subjugate and domesticate other humans. It emerges not from the ‘inferior characteristics’ of any race but rather from the bloodthirsty determination to exercise power and control over legitimate members of society that those in power make deliberately weak.

Racism springs from the human desire to be worshipped, to be served and to wield power over everything that poses a threat.

Yes, racism expresses weakness as it feeds the egos of unfulfilled people with low self-esteem; it’s a behaviour that plays into the hands of anti-social radicals who seek recognition and into the hands of those with institutional power who feel threatened by races other than their own.

Adolf Hitler blamed German problems on Jews to divert attention from the deep political and economic challenges of the time and to justify the most evil treatment of any human race in recorded history – 6 million Jews needlessly killed!

Underneath racism still hides the primitive white supremacist dogma which projected violently in Hitler’s Aryanism in Germany, Ku Klux Klan in America and Apartheid in South Africa.

The human race has triumphed over all extremities. However, anger at personal failure, increased gang culture and ideological radicalism still persist and continue to socialise new generations into racist language, images and beliefs.

Racism has had immensely negative impacts:

Numerous people the majority of them youth, trying to build a future have had their lives brutally cut short. Millions are structurally excluded from productive activity,grossly limiting their capacity to participate in and benefit from the development of their own communities and nations.

Due to racism millions of children, young people and adults have had their spirits broken,hopes and ambitions remorselessly curtailed,confining them to poverty,surrounded only by deliberately fanned fear, desperation and sometimes irreversible despondency.

Racism breaks the sense of cohesion necessary for communities to evolve into powerful self-sustaining components of societies and scatters the basic social capital by which societies build their collective will to survive.

Most critical in my judgement racism and all other forms of discrimination undermine the potential of diversity in developing culturally rich and stable societies and the celebration of human kind. It breaches peace and freedom and instead imposes fear, pain, insecurity and apathy.

Violence begets violence!

So as a direct outcome racism – and all other forms of isolation, control, manipulation and emasculation – has exploded into ‘fight back violence’ targeted at the law enforcing arms of governments which in practice are the visible enemy and messenger of racist crackdowns in the face of those who bear the brunt of their actions, decisions and attitudes.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but regarding the intensity of racism in some countries there is a grand plan to use fear to destroy emerging dominant minority communities and maintain white control.

It’s time to act! Don’t be ‘colour blind’ and ignore racism. Be ‘colour brave’ and confront this menacing evil.

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