Rains displace over 400 households in Karonga


Stormy rains continue to wreak havoc in Karonga with a latest assessment by the District Civil Protection Committee (DCPC) indicating that 96 houses have been destroyed by rains that fell on New Year’s eve.

This brings the total number of affected households to 424, since the onset of the rainy season.

According to the DCPC, villages under Group Village headmen Mwamutawali, Mponela and Mwandovi have been affected, with Chisumbu Primary School and Jetty Market extensively damaged.


District Disaster Risk Management Officer, Walusungu Mwafulirwa, said shelter remains a problem but disclosed that the District Council is yet to set up evacuation camps.

He said more damage is anticipated in other parts of the district which are experiencing prolonged rainfall.

For instance, members of village protection committees at Songwe, Chilambiro and Mwenilondo have reported that gardens are being washed away by the heavy downpours.


“In the meantime, people can seek refuge from relations and well-wishers while we provide health related items and food supplies where need be,” said Mwafulirwa who referred the matter to spokesperson in the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) Jeremiah Mphande.

When asked why it is taking so long to establish the camps, Mphande said the department is banking on a Chinese-funded $900,000 project which, among other things, includes construction of ‘safe havens’.

“We do not want to disturb the school calendar, you are aware most victims rush to seek shelter in nearby schools but, with the coming of safe havens, disaster victims will be catered for without inconveniencing our pupils,” Mphande said.

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