Re-invent the wheel


By Patrick Achitabwino:

Most people are struggling to curve a new road to the future; they are cursing the present and keep on nursing wounds of the past or continue wallowing in the pleasures of golden old days.

It is their inability to cut the umbilical cord from their past that leaves them in dilemma. They are people that hate the present because they did not do well in school; they were born in poor families; they lost parents when they were young; they lost jobs.


Over-concentration on what may have happened or ought to have happened limits our vision to the future of our dreams. It is appropriate to note that spring does not last forever. Keep your enthusiasm even when you are failing because you can only fail yourself to success.

Stephen Berry is right in the book Strategies of the Serengeti as he says: “In our commercial world we continue to observe champions of previous decades becoming the carcasses of the current decade. In our business environment we see the continued use of strategies which were once successful but have now been rendered obsolete.

“Technologies change, markets change, perceptions change. Managerial functions change and all will only continue to do so at an ever increasing speed.”


The fact of life is very simple; if you had a glorious past then suddenly the world turns upside down, it entails therefore, that along the way, you stopped doing the very elements that propelled you to the pinnacle of success.

You got lost in the comfort zone and were complacent in business as usual. Life is cruel ; it never keeps rewarding a person on the basis of past glory. Life wants immediate success stories. It is appropriate to note that all of us are looking for an area in which to matter, to make a difference and to perfect that area to levels that we have perhaps never dreamed of before.

The great German philosopher Goethe said that if you commit to a purpose that matters; a purpose that is personally motivating and powerful for you, you can achieve that level that perhaps you never dreamed of.

You may not have had the opportunity to attend university education in your youthful days but it is never too late. What does it help to hate the past; to complain that what you do not have you could have had so many years ago? Go back to school and get the academic papers of your choice.

Do not hate the present scenario as market forces push you out of relevance, thus threatening your survival. Life will keep on changing; hate not the change, keep crying not for the past. Re-strategise and move on.

Nobody has interest in listening to your glorious past; if anything, people would use your glorious past to tell tales of how life can move from good to bad and worst in one’s lifetime. Challenge people, start afresh, write new glorious chapters of your life.

The reason why people break records is because life requires something new all the time. A record is a record only for a period. Top athletes break their records to place the bar too high. Break the records of your past. Beat the feat that you managed to set in your personal, business or corporate life.

You may go down, but never give up. Work hard on a come-back philosophy. Never lose hope, never give up and keep on working hard on the edge of the unknown. You were there possibly unknown; build upon the failures you know, remember al l the sadness and frustration and let them go. You are the one with the power to re-invent the wheels to the future of your choice.

Leadership guru Paul McGee says when you let go some stuff, you create a room for more stuff. If you want to develop your life, if you want to develop your business, you have to be ready to do the things that you don’t like doing.

McGee, in a few words, advocates what he calls Sumo – shut up and move on. If you have to move forward, never keep on complaining, close your ears to the madrigals of the past, stop admiring your past achievements; the failures of today will not be compensated by the achievements of the past.

It is possible to make life new. It is possible to achieve more. Zig Ziggler tells us: “At the end of your days, do not be the kind of people who say, I wish I had, I wish I had, I wish I had. Be the kind of people who say, I am glad I did, I am glad I did, I am glad I did.”

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