Rebecca Malope wows BAF


South Africa’s gospel music queen Rebecca Malope offered a scintillating performance worth an international headliner on Saturday night during the Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) held at Blantyre Cultural Centre.

BAF started on Friday with a carnival and thereafter several performances and the climax was a set by Chileka-based reggae group Black Missionaries.

The second day on Saturday was also full of activities which included workshops in the morning before live music performances with the main centre of attraction being Malope, who closed the chapter on the night.


Malope is not a new name in Malawi, she is an old-timer in the gospel music circles spanning more than 27 years and has inspired so many gospel musicians in the country some of whom have tried imitating her.

Wearing a pink dress with high heeled shoes which she later removed on stage after she went about her business of dancing, songstress, who has travelled places with her music, delivered a power pact performance that kept the impressive audience dominated by women satisfied.

The songstress, who said that her secret to success in gospel has all been because of her hard work, originality and relying on God, offered several songs including ‘Umoya Wam.’


“I am happy to be back in Malawi, this is my second home, can somebody please offer me a home. This is not my first time here, this should be my third time so it’s my home and I am always happy to perform in Malawi,” said Malope, who dragged the audience closer to the stage soon after she started performing.

With over 30 albums to her credit, Malope also had a special song to the audience ‘From A Distance,’ which was composed by Julie Gold but she sang it in her own version.

“I love you all, this is one of the songs I love and it is my special to you,” she said as fans responded that they loved her too.

In between her performance, she also took time out to speak about the word of God and she said regardless of race, colour, creed and religion “we were all one.”

Her performance had all the ingredients coupled with the electric non-stop dance moves and through her labour of music, fans cried, screamed and ululated praising the Lord.

Other performances that people sampled before Malope took to the stage include Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Patience Namadingo, Thocco Katimba, Khuza Lampi and Goma Nyondo.

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