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Recycled politicians have outlived their shelf life

For some reason, some politicians seem to have turned Malawi into their estate; a land from where they milk the unsuspecting citizenry dry.
If not, why do politicians, without a hint of shame, keep on jumping from one party to another when, countless times, they tell all and sundry that politics is a thankless job? Surely, there is something they get, which they cannot get outside the fence of ruling party politics.
But, sadly, recycled politicians have created a situation where the young generation, and those aspiring to join active politics, begin to believe that politics is a privilege of the few— namely, the recycled, out of sorts politicians who seem to starve— literally— once they are left out of the fold of ruling political parties.
Surprisingly, Malawians gain nothing when these recycled politicians are around, just as they miss nothing when the recycled politicians are not around. It renders credence to suggestions that most of the politicians in the country are out to line their pockets with money, which they earn at the expense of well-meaning, honest Malawians who have no connections with the powers-that-be.
And, so, it has happened that recycled politicians such as Brown Mpinganjira— who was yellow [while in the United Democratic Front (UDF)] the other day and then adopted another party colour after forming the National Democratic Alliance, before turning orange after joining the People’s Party and then blue, now that he has joined the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) — are back to take opportunities away from aspiring politicians again.
And, so, it has happened that Ken Lipenga, a bright bulb in university corridors but untamable in political cycles, has rejoined the DPP, after turning orange, after serving the yellow colours of the UDF once.
We cannot talk of Henry Phoya, who has been associated with the UDF, DPP, Malawi Congress Party and, now, DPP again. It is the same story; just like that of Reverend Daniel Gunya, who was once associated with the UDF.
Surely, Malawi is moving in circles and cannot develop if we cannot embrace new ideas. The problem in this country is that some people behave as if they are the best thing to ever happen to Malawi, a disease so common in politics that it will take more than love for the nation to get rid of it.
Surely, Malawi should turn the corner, embrace new ideas and stop toying around with recycled politicians who only end up giving voters a raw deal.
Surely, not long after today, the same politicians, beset by the anxieties of familiarity with the ruling party they have just rejoined, will begin to look for pastures greener than the DPP. After all, the DPP is blue while pastures, when well fed with water, are green.
We cannot keep on reading old scripts of politics.

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