Redemption Voice, Church Choir warm up for Christmas


Redemption Voice and Church Choir of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), Synod of Livingstonia, on Saturday shared the stage as they warmed up for the festive season.

The choir is under Area 47 congregation in Lilongwe

The two gospel musical groups performed at Wamkulu Palace on a night that saw the audience being lively throughout.


Redemption Voice, who were the main organisers of the event, performed with a band while Church Choir, which is made up of members of the older generation, stuck to accapella.

It was a perfect night for both groups as they showed their potential in singing as they also used the night as part of praise and worship.

Redemption Voice also used the platform as a fundraiser as they would want to buy equipment to help them during performances.


“At the moment, the group hires equipment which is very expensive. We want to buy equipment which will help us during performances at the church but also in other places. As a group, if we are to stand out in praising God, we need good equipment,” Vitumbiko Mumba, one of the members of Redemption Voice, said.

Redemption performed for some time and at one point collaborated with Church Choir during one of the songs.

Another member of Redemption, Laura Munthali, said they were still new but are trying to make their presence felt outside; hence, organising a cocktail event.

“It was fun and we had a good time, especially because Church Choir is more like our parent choir. We actually thought of having this event to fundraise but also praise and worship God through music as we go towards the festive season,” Munthali said.

She revealed that they are currently preparing to release a single and that they have already finalised six songs as they plan to drop an album next year.

Church Choir member, Grace Hara, also said the event gave them a chance to sing for the Lord at a different place.

“This was a unique event and a cocktail which was different. In most cases, we hold events at the church and praise God at a different place,” Hara said.

She said Church Choir was established with the aim of ministering the word of God through music while teaching the younger generation songs performed in church.

“We want the younger generation to know the beauty of singing for the Lord and, as such, we sing songs from the hymn so that, in turn, the younger generation can teach others,” Hara said.

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