Remnants fail to drive Wanna Do Ensemble


Remnants of the once mighty Wanna Do Ensemble Theatre established by theatre darling late Gertrude Webster Kamkwatira have admitted that they have failed to keep the group active.

The group formed in 2003 was at its peak during the time of late Kamkwatira dominating proceedings and won different awards.

But since her demise in 2006, Wanna Do, which late Kamkwatira formed after moving out of Wakhumbata Ensemble Theatre following the death of late Du Chisiza Jnr, the group has been dormant.


One of the group’s members Gift Namachekecha, who was once the front runner at some point said the group is not ‘dead’ as others have put it but rather it is inactive.

“I wouldn’t say the group is dead as some people have put it but what I can say is that the group is inactive for now,” said Namachekecha.

He said following late Kamkwatira’s demise, the family invited them for discussions where they assured them that they would continue the journey.


“People think I was the one in the forefront but then there were three of us who were supposed to drive the group including Frank Patani Mwase and Jeremiah Mwaungulu.

Unfortunately due to the busy schedules of Mwaungulu and Mwase I was the one who started the ball rolling. What I can say for now is that we indeed promised to journey on but we have let Malawians down,” said Namachekecha.

With many drama groups struggling due to inadequate funding, Namachekecha said this is the other problem that has kept them inactive but he said the group will surely come back.

“We had our slogan which was ‘don’t kill the dream because we believe in it so Wanna Do might be inactive but it is not finished. The dream is there but maybe it will continue in future,” said the actor, who has been involved in different other projects including Tikuferanji soap spearheaded by Adventist Development Relief Agency (Adra).

Just like Wanna Do which some quarters have said went with Kamkwatira; it is also the same with Wakhumbata which went with Du Chisiza.

Last year Khumbo Bazuka Mhango also came out to say that Wakhumbata was not dead and that they would come out with productions.

But the year 2015 went without hearing of any performance.

It remains to be seen if Wanna Do and Wakhumbata will one day resurrect and bring back its lost glories.

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