Remorseful Brian Mwando cleared


MALAWI Professional Boxing Control (MPBC) Board has finally cleared Malawi-based Zimbabwean boxer, Brian Mwando, to fight in the country again after paying K50,000 fine.

Mwando was slapped with an indefinite suspension in March for allegedly putting the sport in disrepute after he protested against majority decision when he lost to Charles Misanjo.

The boxer, who married local female boxer Agnes Mtimaukanena, was fined K50,000. He was also advised to renew his licence at K5,000 as the initial one was revoked.


MPBCB spokesperson, Frank Chibisa, said they would monitor Mwando’s behaviour during and after fights. “He has fulfilled all the requirements and he is free to fight.

Otherwise, we hope that he has transformed. Boxing is a sport that needs serious minds,” he said. Alufandika Boxing Promotions manager, Abraham Nyirongo, said

they were relieved to have the licence renewed. “We are opening a new chapter and discipline is paramount,” he said.


Mwando said he was ready to turn a new leaf and would strive to go for a knock-out. “I am relieved that I will finally fight. It has been difficult period for me as I never knew that I would fight again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mwando will face Baraka Mwankansope who also fought against Misanjo, Felix Mwamaso and Rascos Mwanza. In supporting fight, Ruth Chisale will take on Ellen Simwanza.

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