Respect our women


The 16 days of activism in the world starting this week deserve our total participation. I laud the authorities for advocating laws aimed at protecting our women.

I have heard one great song by Soldier Lucius Banda and Lulu tackling the theme ‘stop violence against women’



Yeah country folks, I am joining all enlightened artists of the motherland in standing up for the rights of women.

I am ready to pluck my Bango and strum my Kaligo in the noble cause to stop any form of violence against our women.

There are women in urban setting today experiencing untold misery and hardship. These women suffer in silence as some evil men clad in suits exploit them.


They are women suffering at the workplace as some bosses take advantage of their position. These bosses are in the category of evil people making the world to be a terrible place to live.

Yeah country folks, I am joining artists in mobilising the masses to take action. I know our women suffer violence in the rural areas. Some men take advantage of their poverty. Some men take advantage of the women to advance their evil agenda. The women are taken as second class citizens in some cases. This form of violence is invisible but loud and clear.


Yeah country folks, l am joining some artists this time around to sing songs in support of our women. I know of some women who are championing for the rights of women in the society. I know how these activists have suffered violence too. I know how some men labelled them as dreamers. I know how some men have continued to make our women suffer in silence. Domestic violence being the order of the day. Yeah country folks the good news is that the authorities this time around mean business. The authorities have shown determination to melt stiff punishment to all offenders found guilty in causing misery and pain to our women.


Yeah country folks, Our women need protection. The girl-child needs protection now than ever before. There are some selfish men who are predators. These shameless men walk with open zip and reign havoc. These shameless men +who defile and rape women should be brought to face justice by all means necessary.

Aluta continua.

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