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Revolutionary FDH Smart Pay

Some years ago, Malswitch introduced a point-of-sale (POS) system in this country. This is how it worked: you first would have to apply for Malswitch ATM card through your banker. Once you got that, you would use your banker’s ATM to load cash unto the card; after which you would now be able to swipe your card say at Metro.

Apparently the system was very tedious. That was surely as good as cashing at the ATM and proceeding for shopping with cash. After all, do not they say that cash is king? It was probably for this reason that Malswitch POS did not really catch on.

In the recent years, banks have rolled out more able POS systems, which are fabulously linked and supported by the National Switch. With this, you no longer have to transfer funds unto the ATM card before going shopping; funds are debited straight from your bank account.

While this system is surely ‘digital’, there are a few glitches. Sometimes, the network is downright slow. This means that one individual with a card to swipe can cause delays and elongate the queue at the checkout point. There also times when the shop assistant would tell you that POS network is unavailable yet network for the same bank is functional at the ATM outside the shop.

Because you swipe cards, the more you swipe the faster the cards wear out. Replacement cards are not for free; they cost money and time. It is not unusual for customers to wait for a replacement card for eight weeks.

FDH Smart Pay is a modern-day version of POS system. It is revolutionary in that you do not swipe cards; you use your phone. Is this not a mobile phone generation, after all?

People carry their phones with them all the time. All I am trying to say is that a mobile phone is some religion today. In this generation, an ATM card in the pocket is excess luggage.

FDH Smart Pay is simple and creative. FDH Bank has simply extended its mobile system into point-of-sale. That is what is called ‘thinking outside the box’. Technology is there to make the life of a customer easier.

Because the system uses ordinary mobile phone network (TNM or AirTel), there should be minimal or no network interruption at all. I cannot remember the last time there was network unavailability for TNM or Airtel signal during the day.

FDH Smart Pay uses both USSD and App, this means that it is available for any kind of handset; you do not necessarily need an expensive phone to use it. Actually for those on USSD, they do not need airtime nor Internet bundle.

About two years ago, FDH introduced yet another marvel, transfer of funds from one’s account to a phone number of non-FDH account holder. Again, FDH used their mobile money system to enable that non-account holder to draw money from their ATM.

It is about time that ATMs and POS systems were driven by our mobile phones. This is a generation where a touch of a button on a phone is able to pay and reactivate one’s GOTv. Ours is magical digital generation. I rest my case.

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