RFP Ministries: Can money and Christianity be put in same sentence?


WHEN it comes to Christianity and money, most people say the two do not go together.

If you have ever attended an institution that is founded on Christian beliefs, then the verse “For the love of money is the root of all evil,” from 1 Timothy 6:10, rings a bell.

But the establishment of Zone Z Network by Raised for a Purpose (RFP) ministry strives to change that perception. Zone Z Network is an inter-denominational initiative organised by RFP Ministry, under the leadership of Pastor Aubrey Mwasinga.


The initiative was set up with the sole purpose of teaching people financial control as well as preparing them for an entrepreneurial life. One of the highlights in the monthly meeting is the session known as “Increase through Knowledge” where an expert in a certain field speaks to the audience.

Maria Mhandire, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Accelerate Africa, was this month’s guest speaker at the conference held on Tuesday.

Her topic was centred on the transitional process individuals face or experience when they leave their corporate careers to become entrepreneurs.


Mhandire gave a testimony of the struggles she faced when she left her well paying job of 17 years to start her consulting firm.

“It was not easy when I decided to change career paths. Because I did not belong to a well known company or organisation, most people did not pay attention to me, which is what you should expect out there. People will not pay attention to you if you are just John and not John from KPMG or any top company,” Mhandire said.

She encouraged the audience to be mentally, financially and spiritually ready for the entrepreneurial world for it is not easy to run a business smoothly.

And, concurring with her reasoning, Pastor Mwasinga delivered his message using the story of Lot. In summary, he zeroed in on the importance of being successful in all corners of life.

“You cannot be financially successful and be a failure with your spirituality and vice versa,” he said.

Mwasinga also stressed that ability and character often clash when you are on the road to success.

“Character and attitude determine one’s ability to achieve the goal they have set for themselves. It is imperative for one to have a positive character and attitude towards the financial setbacks that come with transitioning to the entrepreneurial side of life; and the only way one can do this is by enriching one’s spiritual life,” he said.

“Do not be unstable as water for water takes the shape of anything it fills itself in, good or bad.”

Asked on the reasons why Zone Z Network was started, Mwasinga said: “It is a good way of bringing different people together to share business ideas as well as the word of God.”

He said out of 38 parables in the Bible, 16 were concerned with the management of money and possessions.

“And even more surprising is the fact that more than 2,000 verses talk about money,” he challenged.

So shall we conclude that money and Christianity go hand in hand?

“Perhaps the best way to put it is that God wants to enrich us but not become corrupt with the monetary and material things of the world,” he said.

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