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Ring scarcity hits boxing

Boxing rings scarcity has hit the nation as promoters are being forced to shift fights due to a clash of events.

Malawi has three standard rings which Malawi Boxing Association (Maba) bought with Malawi National Council of Sports’ funding in 2010.

The rings are stationed in the three regions and are monitored by Maba through its regional committees.

However, Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) has become the latest victim of the ring’s scarcity after advising promoters to shift bouts from the weekend of February 27 and 28 as the rings will be used by amateurs during the same days.

MPBCB president, Lonzoe Zimba, said they were expecting to stage title fights in Lilongwe on February 28 and non-title fight in Mzuzu on February 27.

“The title fight has since been shifted to March 5 while the dates for the non-title fight will be communicated later,” he said.

To hire a boxing ring, it costs a promoter K35,000 for a local fight and K55,000 for an international bout.

Zimba asked the government, the corporate world and well-wishers to intervene on the matter.

“The rings don’t belong to us. However, there is a good understanding and this is why we have advised our promoters to change dates,” he said.

Maba general secretary, Innocent Chakudza, while confirming that there was a good working relationship between the two parties, said amateurs events will be prioritised.

“The rings belong to us. However, we are willing to help each other for the good of the sport because we all have one mission,” he said.

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