Robbers invade Lazarus Chakwera’s home


Armed thugs Wednesday morning attacked the residence of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President and Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, in Lilongwe’s Area 9.

National Police Spokesperson, James Kadadzera, confirmed Wednesday that some unknown people had indeed invaded Chakwera’s residence, but said no one was hurt in the process and that no item was stolen from the residence.

However, while Kadadzera said armed police who were guarding Chakwera’s residence foiled the attack by shooting in the air, MCP Deputy Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka, said a police officer who guards the house was “coincidentally” absent when the attack happened.


“It is true that some people wanted to attack Hon. Chakwera’s residence, but he has state security and police officers who were securing the house fired shot in the air to scare the attackers who bolted,” Kadadzera said.

He added that so far no one has been arrested and that investigations are underway to establish the motive behind the attack and who the attackers were.

But in a separate interview, Mkaka said it was Chakwera’s security detail which is being provided by both the party and the National Assembly that shot in the air to scare the thugs who had arrived at the house around 2:45am.


He said the armed thugs had parked their car near the perimeter fence and had climbed into the compound through a tree which had branches extending into the compound.

“They walked around the house and when Hon. Chakwera’s security officers noticed them, they fired in the air. They [the thugs] jumped over the fence again and left,” Mkaka said.

He further claimed that even though the matter was reported to police a few moments later, the law enforcers only arrived at the house around 10:00am.

“That is why as a party, we have a lot of discomfort. We don’t know the aim of the attack because it seems they were not after any property,” he said, adding that while two thugs had entered the compound, others remained outside.

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