Rod is still hot


The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) can no longer tell us that it is one big happy family. The press conference held by its estranged Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo the other day is testimony that the party is a proverbial house built on sand. It is bound to collapse.

Somehow, the MCP always has a way of shooting itself in the foot when the finishing line is close. Right now, the People’s Party (PP) is running amok, like a headless chicken, with its leader Joyce Banda, who bolted after the shameful defeat in 2014, nowhere in sight. The United Democratic Front (UDF) is fast becoming a footnote in the political page after its leader Atupele Muluzi decided to go into a selfish marriage with the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Having these two parties pushing up daisies, there is a strong possibility that, if no one intervenes, the 2019 elections will be a battle of two ugly and drunken elephants called DPP and MCP.

Now, with the PP and the UDF at sixes and sevens, one would expect the MCP to rebuild and march towards 2014 with a unified purpose. But somehow, the party has decided to be on a self-destructive mode with its members pulling in opposite directions.


In 2014, the MCP gave the DPP a good run for its money and, until now, many believed that the blue side of the political divide lost the elections but won the results. Three years later, the MCP, which sadly is the alternative government, is failing to clean its own backyard with endless fights that got exposed by Kaliwo.

What is happening in the MCP is obviously good news to the DPP. The DPP knows that under the uninspiring leadership of one Peter Mutharika, this country has become a mess with no hope in sight. Instead of celebrating progress, we have come to glorify things that do nothing other than reminding the world how we have failed to run our affairs. For instance, recently, some people are praising themselves for the World Bank’s benevolent decision to support our budget. At 53 and having enjoyed relative peace, Malawi must have been way ahead of countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Mozambique who are or were ravaged by terrorist attacks, genocide or civil war. But here we are as hopeless as we can be. I will not be surprised to wake up one day to the realisation that even Somalia is way ahead of us.

We are in this mess because we have put all our hope on politicians and their political parties. The DPP is only interested in looting this country that is why its aged leader, Mutharika, will close his ears to any voice of reason. His attendants, too, prefer violence to silence critical voices. The MCP, as I said earlier and going by the 2014 results, would have been Malawi’s hope. But with the party’s inane infighting and a snobbish leader in Lazarus Chakwera, Malawians have been left with no political hope.


But, as they say, the last thing one can lose in life is hope; some of us down here have chosen to cling to the last thread of hope: a serious revolution.

Any sane Malawian can easily see that investing our hope in political parties is fruitless. This nation needs one strong leader who does not have a bad political record like most of these old, tired and boring politicians we have.

If at all we are tired of being the laughing stock that we are, this is the chance to tell political parties off, and look for a fresh face and brain that will reform this country. We cannot continue on the path the MCP, the UDF, the DPP, the PP and again the DPP have taken us.

The world is going through change and Malawi must not be left behind. If we are to vote for the DPP, MCP, UDF or PP they will only come in with their thieves while you and I go home with nothing.

Since we said no to one party rule, Malawians have had five chances to make their country great but all we have come up with are executive thieves who even laugh at out folly and naivety.

Forget the corrupt and barbaric DPP, to hell with the bedlam that is MCP, do not even think about the rags of the UDF and do not even mention the PP, a party that destroyed the country in record time. All Malawi needs is a new face and brain and that person must come out now and strike while the rod is still hot.

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