Royal Motors dresses cricket umpires


Royal Motors has donated a kit to Inter-Club Cricket League’s umpires ahead of this weekend’s semi-finals and final.

Royal Motors representative, Arafat Muhmmad, said the donation was in appreciation of the umpires’ role in the success of the competition.

“Besides that, we want to give honour to the teams and spectators. This can only be done if our umpires are also well dressed. We are excited with how events have unfolded in the competition and we look forward to the semi-finals and final,” he said.


The league’s coordinator, Saeed Limdawala, hailed Royal Motors for the support, saying it will add colour to the final.

“Oftentimes, we tend to forget the umpires and yet they are the ones that handle our games. They need to be well-dressed to handle the games with confidence,” he said.

According to the semi-final draw, Mpingwe Sports Club (MSC) White will face MSC Gold whereas MSC Orange date MSC Grey.


The games will be played at Mpingwe Sports Club.

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