Sadc Blues


This song was composed in 1992. It is titled Sadc Blues. It echoes across all the 15 member states. Yea, this is Sadc Blues. The song of the sub- region. This organisation would like to uplift the lives of its people. To unite its people. To foster regional integration. To develop the sub-region beyond recognition. Yeah, listen all you in the region. Listen all of you in the corridors of power. Listen all of you in the valley. Listen all of you in the mountains.


This song has no intro. This song has nothing to do with harmonies. There is no melody for this Sadc blues piece. Yeah, the notes are all muffled. It is a shame for ‘Sadc Blues’. It will make Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkruma rise from their resting place. It make our beloved Madiba Nelson Mandela rise from the dead. It will make the burning spear himself Jomo Kenyatta look at the mountain in shame. It will make His Imperior majesty Haile Salessie Ras Tafari shed tears. Yeah, his Imperial majesty cries in this ‘Sadc blues’ for Africa torn asunder.


This is Sadc

Sadic blues today will make the Brother leader of the Great Jamahiriya Muammar Gadaffi look at his vision in agony. Yeah, the Africa continent that he once dreamt of being a united front. Fighting against all forms of domination. Fighting against all forms of discrimination. Fighting against all forms of black upon black wars. Yea, against all forms of violence.



Why should Africans rise against Africans? Why should Africans be foreigners in Africa? Why should Africans go beyond Africa in boats crossing the deadly seas in small boats and dugout canoes? Why?


I have seen the enemy. I have seen the enemy of the people. Yeah, countryfolks. The enemy of the people is within us.

Materialism is the name of the game. People are on the move. Seeking after materialism.

The enemy of the people is within us. I see the people running away from their homes living behind their families to dig gold deep down the mines of Johanesburg. Yeah, where does this gold end up? Where does all the diamonds end up?

This is just a ‘Sadc Blues’. I know it sounds sad. I know it is a good blues song for the soul. Yea, I know now why we are fighting. I know now why we call each other names. I know the one who has made us to be divided as one African nation. Yeah, I know the enemy for Africa. I have seen the enemy. Search me.


I hear some people are saying that they are ashamed for the recent xenophobic attacks or call them behavior in South Africa. I hear some stating that African leaders in the region should stop clinging to power. I hear them say that there should be a conducive environment for the survival of all its citizens and not let them trek down South Africa for greener pastures. I hear them putting the blame on the authorities for not creating jobs for the people. I also hear an apology for the violence that has claimed lives.

When all is said and done, the message is loud and clear. Home is the best.

Calabashes get broken, the pot is left on the hearth with nothing inside. ‘Sadc Blues’.

Aluta continua…

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