Saint picks Dan Lu in first 2021 single


Having made strides in his music career and winning hearts of people with songs such as ‘Nelia’ and ‘Delilah, Saint has reappeared with his first 2021 single titled ‘Kuseli’.

The single has seen him featuring another star in the musical landscape Dan Lu of the ‘Part of Life’ fame.

Saint, who has collaborated with several artists, said Tuesday he was excited to give music lovers his first 2021 single.


He said he decided to work with Dan Lufani in the song produced by Tricky Beats and Sispence looking at the issue he was tackling.

“I wanted someone who would give me what I wanted and so Dan Lu was the best, especially looking at the songs he has done such as ‘Part of Life’ and ‘Holy Ghost Fire’. Most of the songs talk about the social economic status of people in society,” Saint said.

The musician, born Yamikani Chikwawe, has not maintained his shape of music in the track.


Last year the artist released his debut Extended Playlist (EP) titled Pre-Birth.

In the track, Saint sings that he envies his neighbour especially looking at the life he leads and that he has everything including expensive cars while Dan Lu responds that it takes hard work to accumulate such wealth.

Dan Lu sings that hold on to what you have and work hard to achieve something.

“Again, sometimes people who envy those who are well-to- do will find out that they have everything but leaving with so much pressure. But the thing is success only comes when we work hard,” Saint said.

He said they were working on a music video to come out next week.

Dan Lu said he is happy to work with Saint.

The artist recently released ‘Mulowelepo’ which is a prayer calling upon God to remove Covid and this is his first single as he also looks ahead to release his new album Game Changer in April.

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