Salary negotiations delays irk Union


Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) has expressed worry over what it calls Government Negotiating Team’s silence towards their proposal to hold negotiations over civil servants’ salaries.

CSTU proposed, to the negotiating team, that they discuss the issue over the Easter holiday last month, but the union did not receive feedback on the matter.

The union’s general secretary Madalitso Njolomole said unfavourable economic factors had pushed the union to ask for salary revision.


“CSTU is worried about Government Negotiating Team’s silence towards our negotiating meeting which is supposed to take place before Parliament rises. We have one main item on the agenda and that is salary revision for the 2021/22 financial year.

“Devaluation of our local currency and increase in fuel prices, which resulted in domestic item price rises as well, are some of the factors that have pushed CSTU to ask the government for salary revision. CSTU has also noted the government’s decision to increase salaries for Cabinet ministers and members of Parliament and this gives us confidence that the government will consider our demand of salary revision,” he said.

Chairperson of the Government’s Negotiating Team Patrick Matanda proved hard to reach, just like Principal Secretary for the Department of Human Resources, Blessings Chilabade.


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