Same old tired faces


Even in the Democratic Progressive party (DPP), the party Brown Mpinganjira, Ken Lipenga and Henry Phoya joined at a rally President Peter Mutharika addressed on Sunday in Lunzu, the celebration has been muted.

We have not seen the usual razzmatazz of the DPP characters flooding social media with triumphant stories of their latest catch in the three.

The reason is simple. This is a waste of time for the DPP.


I do not think there is a voter in Malawi who will vote for Mutharika next year simply because Mpinganjira has joined his party.

Mpinganjira, Lipenga and Phoya belong to a cadre of tired and old politicians in Malawi who have lost their allure.

They have done it all and joined just every other party that has been in power.


Such politicians see government as only a gravy train that they must board at all cost and enjoy the trappings of power, like everybody else on it.

Fortunately, Malawians have seen through the motive behind such acts by these politicians and that is why they have refused to be used and stopped voting for them, even as Area Committee members.

I do not know what value DPP and Mutharika think Mpinganjira and Lipenga will bring to the dinner table.

As for us, Malawians, the regret is that this is a circus that we have been subjected to during elections since the advent of multiparty politics.

We see the same old and tired faces jostling for lucrative parties as they look to position themselves for a seat on the gravy train that is government.

All this tends to drown the real important message that voters want to hear before they cast their ballot.

I thought for parties, this is the time for serious soul-searching in order to thrash out policies and promises they want to put across to Malawians so that they are entrusted with government come May 2019.

Malawians are experiencing hell and gnashing their teeth as the dreary grinding life of crushing poverty takes its toll.

Would it not be good if the DPP told us how they would make sure that the fruits of the so called functional economy would trickle down to the villager, instead of showing on TV the tired political faces of Mpinganjira and Lipenga?

I have been saying this and I will say it again until I am heard. The rural economy has totally crumbled on the watch of Mutharika.

Tobacco, which used to be the main cash crop for villagers, is no longer appealing to the buyer. They do not know what to do and which crop to grow.

When the President talks about fixing the economy because interest rates are down, inflation is down to a single digit and the kwacha has been stable, rural folks think he is talking some gibberish because they do not follow it.

All they have is grinding poverty because nobody has shown them any alternative crop to grow and the market for it.

When the President speaks at a rally, these rural poor folks expect him to address their concerns and the last thing they want to hear or see is the face of Mpinganjira and others.

They will not add any value in their lives or solve the problem of their poverty.

The same can be said of the private sector which government never gets tired in touting as the engine of economic growth.

The private sector wants to hear a message that addresses their concerns on energy, for example, which has been its undoing this year.

This is January and, despite three full months of rain, we are not yet out of the woods as far as electricity blackouts are concerned.

Which party has a lasting solution to energy problems? The DPP has taken a lot of flak for it and it is incumbent upon them to come out of the cocoon and spell out, to Malawians in a robust policy document, plans and proposals they have on energy.

We all know generators are a short term solution and Malawi cannot afford them. Malawians would rather Mutharika talk about this than showing them old dreary political faces who lost it long time ago.

What about the public health sector with its perpetual twin problem of shortages and pilferages? What about the same old story of corruption? Who has the solution since the President is in denial?

I can go on and on and talk about just every other sector. The bottom line is Malawians are not interested in circuses such as the one that took place in Lunzu on Sunday.

Malawians want their parties to give plans regarding how to take this place out of the dungeon it is in.

We want an honest exchange of ideas on how to take our country forward and some faces, such as the ones DPP was showing us at Lunzu, cannot be part of such a discussion because they are discredited and belong to the dustbin of political history.

They have nothing new to offer.

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