Samsung downgrades Galaxy S20


Back in February, Samsung released an optimum smartphone range, the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The phone had all the bells and whistles that define a premium status. Talk about 5G capabilities, the phone had it, mention about generous camera mix, it was there.

Samsung Galaxy S20 was endowed with ambitious power, new Snapdragon 865 5G chip. The phone wore all the hallmarks of a Samsung top-notch smartphone; edge-to-edge OLED display, a small hole-punch camera and all-glass finish.


The last bit means that this phone features no plastic finish, not it even at the back, for it is all covered in toughened glass. In English, the phone has a glass polish finish. In poetic terms, the smartphone feels like Atlantic sea pearls.

As they say, the real test of the pudding is in the eating; the generous camera mix for the S20 has not impressed as previous Samsung releases. There is a principle in science which is called the diminishing marginal returns.

This principle says that when you increase input like fertiliser, there is a point where more additions of the input starts to yield lower returns. Perhaps Samsung has hit the snag in as far as camera mixes are concerned.


Galaxy S20 came in about three flavours. The Galaxy S20 Ultra occupied the zenith of the ladder. Although the phone did not miss any of iPhone features as IP68 Wireless Charging and Power Share, the $1,400 price tag sounded steep. With Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world a month after its release, affordability for Samsung Galaxy S20 became a real issue.

Samsung was forced to go back to the drawing board to create a version of S20 that its customer base can afford. Welcome Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE).

At 6.5-iches screen size, it is slightly smaller than S20 at 6.9 inches. From distance, it may be difficult to notice the difference.

The exterior ‘décor’ is not as impressive as S20. It is not all-glass contruction; the back is covered in plastic. The display, all the same, is edge-to-edge OLED covered with toughed gorilla glass. In short, the S20 FE is not as enticing as S20.

However Samsung has made it difficult for you to notice that the back is made of plastic and not glass by giving you an option of glaring choice of colours like purple, green, orange and even boring white.

Samsung has also downgraded the quality of the display by making it blink less faster. The phone is propelled by a tad slower Snapdragon 765.

Samsung has maintained the IPV68 Wireless Charging and Power Share. On a more positive note, Samsung has improved the camera mix on S20 FE. With 12MP Primary camera, 12MP wide angle and 8MP telephoto is much better than the mix available on S20.

Samsung Galaxy FE went on sale on October 2, 2020 at an attractive price of $699.

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