Samsung Galaxy Fold is fragile


With Marshal John Mdeza:

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Fold on February 20 2019 alongside Galaxy S10. However, we were told that Galaxy Fold would come to the market much later on April 26, 2019; now that is only two days away; and the amazing piece of engineering mastery in right now in the hands of a few lucky technology writers for review. What are they saying? Read on.

The tablet / smartphone combo is 7.3 inches. It is a dynamic OLED display smartphone that you can stretch into a7.3 inches tablet. This is a device for those people that want a bigger display to type longer emails at one time yet do not want to carry around a bigger screen which cannot fit into the pocket.


You see, that is the thing about a tablet; it gives you the luxury of the bigger screen on the go yet it is cumbersome to carry around. So, why not bend it into a smartphone when you don’t require the service of its bigger screen?

Spec-wise, Samsung Galaxy fold is impressive; snap dragon 855 chipset, bigger 4,380 mAh battery, massive 512 GB storage just like the iPhone, thrice the memory (RAM) size of the iPhone (12 GB), like the Galaxy S10, it has three cameras at the back ( 12MP telephoto, 16MP ultra-wide angle and 12 MP wide angle) and one selfie camera.

I have some bad news for you, barely two days of usage, some of those blessed tech journalists have already had the Galaxy Fold display shatter before their disbelieving eyes. The Galaxy Fold comes with a plastic layer which disguises itself as a pre-installed factory screen protector. On a new smartphone, the use of the factory screen protector is to make sure that your phone is not delivered to you with a greased display. After the unboxing the phone, you have an option to remove or leave the screen protector. Normally, people remove the factory screen protector after a few days of usage as dust begins to accumulate underneath.


Removing this ‘camouflaged’ display protector is the root of all what will go wrong with the Samsung Fold display. That is what holds the screen and makes it bend comfortably. Scientifically, Organic Light emitting diode (OLED) displays are bendable but are not tough enough to take the abuse of being bent many times over. Your smartphone is prevented from bending by though g lass wrapped around your OLED display. That glass is called either gorilla glass 4 or 5 depending on its toughness. That is why you are able to drop your phone and it does not break.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a different animal; it is supposed to bend, otherwise it won’t be a foldable smartphone. The plastic layer which looks like a screen protector is a replacement for the gorilla glass. It is flexible and allows the phone to bend. There is no bendable toughed plate glass at the moment, so plastic is the only option.

All I am saying is that the Galaxy Fold is a fragile phone. It is not the kind that you can afford to drop willy-nilly. And it is not a cheap phone; $1,980 is the introduction price. That is the price of iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S10, a Gamin Vivo HR activity tracker and $10 change.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will grace the American market on 26th April and will be available in Europe on May 3rd 2019.

You got K1.5 Million to spend on a smartphone/tablet combo? Indulge yourself, but it is like an egg.

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