Samuel the double winner



Well, some blood must be coated in victory. I mean, some people seem to have all the luck.

I mean, many are times when sons and daughters of winners somehow become winners, at some stage of their lives, themselves.


Now, maybe I need to clarify on what I mean by winners. If you are known, wherever you are, you are a winner. That is why we have community champions; people who lead the way in doing good things; something that serves more than themselves.

One is also a winner if they have influenced change in someone. Ah! One can even be a winner for doing nothing! I mean, doing literally nothing. Take, for instance, a man who does not batter his wife is, in many ways than one, a winner.

He has won by, without raising a finger, ‘escaping’ jail. An individual who has no vehicle can also be a winner. Come to think of it. Those who have no vehicle save on fuel, salary for a guard, money for engine oil, tyres and what have you. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Let me stop here, lest you accuse me of finding excuses for not having a car, let alone a wife. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

After all, I am just talking about how I regard failure to ‘land’ a vehicle as victory.

The truth, even in this case, is that some people keep on ‘winning’. I am talking of those who have had no relationship with vehicles, in terms of owning one. They are winners because they are saving money.

And it happens that he whose father or mother was a ‘winner’, by virtue of having no car, will also be a ‘winner’ [saving fuel, salary, running away from tyre replacement and like costs] by having no vehicle because they, often, do not have the financial means to buy it.

But, then, there are winners who win because they have won something in real time.

Take, for instance, Samuel ‘Mjura’ Mkandawire. Before February 22 2015, he knew how to play some instruments, notably the guitar. He was a winner in this respect. More so because not many people know how to play the guitar. A musician whose name should remain under lock and key once taught me how to play the guitar. That exercise took us two months and I still do not know how to play the guitar.

Not with Samuel.

Using his knowledge of the guitar, Samuel went on to be the winner in the first season of Airtel Trace Music Star singing competition, carting home K14 million.

Some people have all the luck.

What’s more? Samuel had plans to marry a woman who had been close to his heart for some time. The money came handy, thanks to the Airtel competition.

It was a typical case of killing two birds with one stone.

Now, it seems that Samuel will keep on winning. The artist, who gets a salary at a certain church in Lilongwe drives, thanks to his talent in music.

I mean, he has a car— which, by extension, means he can afford to pay a guard, buy engine oil, replace tyres, among other things.

“This car serves as a reminder that I won something,” he says, talking of the prize money he got from the Airtel competition.

Well, February 2015 is such a long time. It must be satisfying to look at something that is a fruit of something that happened way back.

One rests assured that they laboured, and laboured not in vain. Satisfaction, a rare commodity, flows like water in Samuel’s life, who is relieved that his dream came true.

Charge me anything, Samuel, for guitar lessons, and I will pay! Relief must be earning something for doing something one loves.

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