Sangwani Munthali back from Namibia


Gospel musician Sangwani Munthali is back from Namibia where he went to record his third album titled Ndipulumutseni.

The musician left the country late last year for Namibia to record his third album having been out of the scene for some time.

“It’s been a n experience recording my album in Namibia; I have learnt a lot of things in terms of production. I am just happy that this opportunity came up,” said the singer.


He said the album has been finalised and that he will launch it in May.

“We were supposed to launch it in March but we made changes due to other challenges but everything is now in black and white and we will launch it in May,” said Sangwani.

The musician admitted that he has been out of the limelight for sometime but said the long break was worth it.


“It’s been sometime since I held live performances but sometimes it’s good to take your time. But I am still around and music is still part of me,” he said.

Sangwani, who has also created a website aimed at reaching out to more people but also keeping up with technology, said he is optimistic that people will love his music.

“I have also shot music videos in Namibia and some of these music videos can be accessed through the website,” he said.

The singer came to the limelight having released his debut album Mahomwa Ya Fumu.

Many people appreciated his music and likened him to legendary Mtebeti Wambali Mkandawire.

He then went on to release his second album titled Themba which did not do well on the market.

The musician said he has worked with a blend of professionals in the new album.

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