Saulos Chilima hints at DPP problems


Vice President Saulos Chilima for the first time yesterday made a veiled reference to internal problems rocking the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Speaking at a development rally held at Ndirande Malabada Constituency in Blantyre, Chilima warned the DPP to be extra careful with some party members present at the rally who are allegedly bringing confusion in the party.

“Mr President, njoka saweta (snakes cannot be reared)….ena anayesera kuweta nsato koma mapeto ake anawadyera mwana (some tried to rear a python but it ended up killing their child). Those joining us should just come to help build the nation.


“But if you start confusing matters, the situation won’t be alright. I am urging all confusionists to have self discipline. A good President has welcomed you, why don’t you just give a hand where necessary. Aliyense anamugawira ntchito yake (the President gave each one of us a specific role to play),” Chilima said.

He said the moment people start confusing matters, government will lose direction and the image that will be distorted will be that of the President.

During the speech, Chilima twice advised the President Peter Mutharika to be careful, emphasizing that human beings do not rear snakes. He said people should avoid being pompous but should instead work extremely hard to develop the nation.


The Veep then urged the mammoth crowd that attended the rally that politics aimed at terminating someone’s life, confrontation, divisions and backbiting needs to be avoided if the country is to develop.

“Let’s give the President ample time to develop this country rather than giving him tough time to be resolving disputes that will lead us nowehere in this country,” Chilima said.

The Vice-President said the DPP will win the election in 2019 with Mutharika as its President.

“I did say that DPP will win the elections in 2014; it happened, now I am saying that come 2019 with you as our leader, DPP will win the elections without any doubt. But that will happen if we work extra hard to develop this country,” Chilima explained.

Speaking later, President Mutharika took a tough stance against continued drug and medical supplies shortages which has been haunting public health facilities since April this year.

His sentiments come after district health officers (DHOs) expressed concern, saying the country’s public health system may collapse if government does not immediately address the situation.

Mutharika, therefore, directed Minister responsible for Health, Jean Kalirani and the Central Medical Stores Trust (CMST) to jointly work together to rectify the problem.

“To conclude [this speech], I know that in public health facilities there are numerous problems that people are facing, some other hospital are facing drug shortages. I am surprised how this has come into being, because reports show that government procured drugs and there’s enough medicine in this country, some were even donated by donors,” he said.

He said reports that he gets indicate that the country has sufficient drugs, but the medicines do not reach the required facilities

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