Season of insanity


Mdzukulu, there was a time a woman had a daughter who was a fool.

She implored all the gods to put some sense into her and the girl often heard her mother praying in this way.

One day, mdzukulu, they went to their farm.


The girl left her mother and wandered into the fields. When she saw a man forcing himself on a goat, she asked: “What are you doing?”

The man said: “I’m putting some sense into it.”

The girl remembered her mother’s prayers and said: “Put some sense into me too!”


The man refused to force himself onto her because, as he said: “There is nothing more ungrateful than a woman.”

The girl said: “Don’t worry on that account, sir! My mother will be very grateful to you and will pay you whatever you want since she is always praying for me to get some sense.”

So the man deflowered her.

The girl was overjoyed and ran to tell her mother with the good news.

“Mother,” she said, “I’ve got some sense now!”

The mother exclaimed: “The gods have answered my prayers!”

The daughter replied: “Indeed, they h a v e , mother!”

The mother then asked: “And how did you get some sense, my child?”

The girl explained.

When the mother heard her daughter’s explanation, she said: “My child, you have lost what sense you had to being with!”

And the many problems Malawi is grappling with arise from that the country is cleanly in the spell of lunacy and idiocy.

Mdzukulu, it is evident that Malawi is deficient of leadership.

Surely, mdzukulu, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration must admit to either being so brainless and lacking in key competences and skills to be managers of our country and let alone its hard-earned resources and hence must pave the way for the right people or admit to their incompetence and their sentient involvement in the thieving of public resources.

Picture this mdzukulu.

Pupils have been demonstrating in some parts of the country against government’s failure to pay leave grant arrears to their teachers. The teachers embarked on a nationwide stike on June 5 at times forcing out-of-sorts Finance, Economic Planning and Development Minister Goodall Gondwe to resort to blatant lies.

University of Malawi’s (Unima) Chancellor College failed to open on March 20 2017 after academic staff withdrew services. The conflict over salaries arose after it was noted that some academic staff within Unima colleges were getting higher perks than others.

Up to date, mdzukulu, the college has not yet opened.

Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) has given the government a two-day ultimatum to address its grievances; failing which, they will stage a sit-in from Monday.

CSTU has warned, despite a crackdown on some of its members in Lilongwe on Tuesday, that if government sticks to the proposed 10 percent salary increment, then civil servants will go on strike from Monday.

The country is staggering under the weight of multifarious challenges such as lack of direct budgetary support – minus a little mortgage recently from the World Bank – and soaring public debt, hence government’s failure to provide adequate public services to its citizenry.

And mdzuku failure by the government to see a solution to these challenges is proof enough that the leadership is dim-witted.

In fact, the country continues reaping the sour fruits of the folly of entrusting tried-and-found-wanting individuals consumed by primaeval greed and questionable affinity to the country with the ruling hoping they will behave differently and in the best interests of all Malawians.


But the DPP second coming has brought yet again a season of insanity!

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