Season of political nomads here


With the ushering in of the new Tonse Alliance government, as a result of its June 23 victory in the fresh presidential elections, comes the new season of political prostitution in Malawi.

It has become so intense that as we speak, some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members of Parliament (MPs) or those who won as independents last year; whether in Karonga, Chitipa, Chikwawa, Nsanje, among other places, are dumping the DPP in droves and are joining the government gravy train by re-aligning themselves either with Malawi Congress Party (MCP) or UTM.

And so, we are back to square one as a nation when we must discuss endlessly our revulsion at these MPs that have no principles and the only ideology they know is their bellies and well- being.


But this is not surprising at all and it is following a standard procedure that the spineless MPs have perfected over the years.

And the modus operandi is the same.

Some are joining the two parties outright while others are deliberately playing hard to get, in the process causing tension between the two suitors who are also partners in government, MCP and UTM.


The latest catch is Chikwawa Central MP and former minister of Trade, Salim Bagus.

Bagus won last year as an independent, joined DPP and became minister and now he is back to independent status.

He came up with classic line that we have heard for many years now that we know it is one fat blue lie.

Professor Happy Kayuni of Chancellor College described it so beautifully that this has got nothing to do with anything about development as Bagus claimed.

Rather, it is about their well-being or the belly of these MPs who are looking for the comfort of being close to the powers that are in government.

Bagus should have respected the fact that he was elected as an independent and remain so throughout the five years.

Surprisingly, both MCP director of campaign Moses Kunkuyu and UTM secretary general, Patricia Kaliati say Bagus would be welcome to join them.

The two parties have swallowed it hook, line and sinker that you almost see a sense of desperation from them to get Bagus.

It is so because they both want to achieve the short term goals of survival and building popularity by sweeping under the carpet the worry of citizens about the greed that is reflective of the nomadic MPs.

MCP and UTM told us that they will keep their identities separate and intact while in government, yet they cannot deny the fact that these nomadic MPs joining either of them are causing tension between them.

You can see and feel it in the message that Kaliati and Kunkuyu are sending to Bagus.

But no matter how the politicians can colour it, this political prostitution must end.

It has gone on for too long and each time it happens, Malawians are appalled because they see greed in the very same people that worked hard to stop MCP and UTM from getting into government.

They see greed and an attempt to be clever to join the gravy train by the very same people that called President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima names when they were grinding it out in the opposition, supported by faithful lieutenants who suffered under the cruelty of the DPP regime.

Such lieutenants are silently wary of such nomadic MPs or characters that the leaderships of the two parties should be careful for fear of alienating those that brought them where they are today by rewarding the very same people who fought against them by awarding them undue positions.

But we can blame Bagus and the nomadic MPs as wretchedness of the earth all day long.

Yet in the end, this is as much an indictment on DPP’s leadership as it is of those MPs that are leaving the party.

There is a leadership gap in DPP, with former president Peter Mutharika clinging to its leadership until now when he should be taking responsibility for the June 23 electoral battering the party received at the hands of the Tonse Alliance by paving way for new blood.

Simply put, very few are seeing a future in the DPP in the next five years as a political powerhouse that would build for itself a decent chance of winning the 2025 elections hence the exodus.

The existence of Section 65 that was deliberately put in our country’s Constitution to regulate delinquent and nomadic MPs on switching political allegiance seems not to bother any of the DPP parliamentarians.

They know the process of chasing them from Parliament using the law is arduous and complicated that it does not just happen.

Those who won on independent tickets such as Bagus seem to enjoy it all as they can freely roam across the parties while those MPs elected on party tickets have found a way of dealing with it including using the courts.

Nomadic MPs do not just pay for it. It does not just happen and it is a political tragedy. It reflects a country whose leaders have no sense of principle or ideology.

Simply put, they do not believe in anything.

It makes all of us, as citizens to be resigned and continue electing them as long as they have a little cash to cheat us about.

Another round and season of political prostitution is here again.

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