Sena Universe ready to conquer


A youthful movement known as Sena Universe has said it is ready to give the world the best of Sena culture through their talent.

The group said it is determined to use art to disseminate messages to people in order to bring about change.

A member of the group Dyson Seva, also known as Dyseva, said the movement wants to show the Sena culture and that it was fusing in modern elements in order to appeal to the youthful generation.


“Other artists have done well in bringing to light the best of Sena culture and talent. You talk of the likes of Stanley Nyandoro Nthenga, Katelele Ching’oma and the late Joseph Tembo among others. But we want to add more to that. We want young people to value their culture,” Seva said.

He said in order to appeal to the younger generation, they have decided to fuse in modern elements such as hip hop.

“Despite concentrating more on Sena language, we are also fusing in Chichewa so that people should understand what we are talking about. We are targeting everyone in this concept,” Seva said.


Seva said they will this month be releasing new music titled ‘Tithawe’ and ‘Ulalala’ by Chacjesco.

“Despite the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, we have made strides in the year as far as producing content is concerned. We have so far released ‘Wanditayira’, ‘LokoLoko’, and ‘Sungire’ which are currently enjoying airplay on several radio stations,” Seva said.

Sena Universe was established in 2017 after the release of the song ‘Sena Princess’ by Seva, Chacjesco, Hacker and Elvie.

“We got an overwhelming feedback from people since it was the first urban Sena song. People demanded for more, then some Sena hip hop rappers joined the movement,” he said.

Apart from Seva, the other members of the movement are Jay Maga, Chacjesco, Fat Kay, Hacker, Else D, Shivoh, Stanner and Elvie.

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