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Shepherd Bushiri’s mentor implores government to soften up

Shepherd Bushiri’s mentor, Uebert Angel, has pleaded with government to start embracing its own people despite political or social differences if the country is to develop.

Angel, who is also a businessman based in the United Kingdom, made the remarks in an interview with The Daily Times during the launch of PSB Connect in South Africa, which is a telecommunications company owned by Bushiri,” Angel said.

According to him, the supposedly continued frustrations that Bushiri is facing in the country is a missed opportunity, as a number of business investments which could have been established in Malawi might be taken elsewhere.

Bushiri was recently denied entry to his old school Moyale Community Day Secondary in Mzuzu, where he wanted to get a copy of his certificate, saying he needed to have got clearance from authorities, and according to Angel, such obstacles defeat the whole purpose of wooing potential investors to Malawi.

Other reports also show that Bushiri, who is now based in the Rainbow Nation, is meeting resistance to be issued a television licence by Malawi Communications Authority (Macra) for his Prophetic Channel which he is planning to establish in the country.

“In a country well managed, poverty is something to be ashamed of but in a country badly managed, riches are something to be ashamed of, so you need to understand that the only place you find a rich man being opposed is when a country is badly managed. A country is not strong as its president; a country is strong as its inhabitants.

Angel observed that Bushiri has become a first individual black man to own a mobile network in South Africa and that Malawians need to be proud of the achievements of fellow citizens who are contributing to the economic development of the nation.

Said Angel,” Lets embrace our own because when we do that, he is able to use his finances to help his country Malawi and other countries as well and that what makes Malawi great. The newspapers in South Africa will write that Malawian born has done this but in Malawi you will find that some people will be marking the same.”

Bushiri said he is finding it so easy to invest some of his businesses in South Africa because the regulators there are forthcoming, adding that he has a number of investments earmarked for Malawi and he is just waiting for a green light from authorities.

“Business is a risk, so you don’t take a risk where you are not supposed to take a risk. The biggest problem of a rich person is a poor person without a vision, so when you have got people around you without a vision, it becomes a problem,” said Bushiri.

Over 50,000 South African national, have already subscribed to the new network. Bushiri has also disclosed that he will launch his own University in Pretoria in the next three weeks and also a bank in three months.

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