Shire Highlands Education Division to enforce charity work in schools


Shire Highlands Education Division (Shed) has said it will soon take charity work as part of the component in ensuring that schools have passed the required quality and standard of education in its division.

Shed Senior Inspector and Adviser of Schools Cryton Tambala said they will support the initiative through policy direction and awareness.

He disclosed this Saturday when Voices That Care (VTC) clubs from Providence Girls and Muloza Community Day secondary schools donated assorted items to an aged woman Rhoda Wadi and her two grandchildren.


“Out of the 94 secondary schools under Shire Highlands that we have, this is the unique initiative. You know schools are made not only to teach the learners for examinations and certificates but to also help them to live for others. This is the integrity part of our education system that the students should promote,” he said.

Tambala, therefore, said he will make sure that during inspection exercise, charity work is one of the requirements for the quality and standard of education in schools.

Providence Girls Secondary School Head teacher Sister Cecilia Musaiwa said the school supports the club because it encourages students to get involved in the spirit of sharing.


Providence Girls VTC Club Chairperson Ethel Banda said the club was founded two years ago in order to support the needy like the elderly and orphans.

Banda said this year they identified Wadi, who is also keeping two orphaned grandchildren.

The students mobilised resources like blankets, buckets, sugar, soap and also learning materials to Mphatso Kalulu who is in Standard Seven at Chisitu Primary School.

“Our club supports those in needy like the aged and orphans. But one thing that compelled us to donate these items was the plight of the grandchild who is learning at Chisitu Primary School. We noted she had no uniform, shoes and learning materials. Our aim is to see this girl child go and remain in school for her to be a productive citizen in the future,” she said.

Providence Girls Parents and Teachers Committee Chairperson Lewis Monosile has pledged total support to the club for it to realise its vision.

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