Silver Strikers risk sanctions for fracas


Silver Strikers are likely to be in hot soup following the fracas which led to abandonment of the Fisd Challenge Cup semi-final clash against Blue Eagles at Civo Stadium on Saturday.

Frustrated supporters suspected to be Silver fans pelted stones into the field after Khuda Muyaba was shown a straight red card for retaliation.

The fans exchanged blows in the stands and two supporters got injured.


Fam Competitions Committee is expected to decide on the way forward after receiving reports from relevant stakeholders including referees and security.

However, the association’s Competitions and Communications Director, Gomegzani Zakazaka, could not respond on his mobile phone yesterday.

Silver Chairperson, Peter Chando, while condemning the incident, said the club would release a statement after consultation.


Eagles releases a statement about the incident yesterday.

“We can confirm that two of our supporters were injured and were treated as outpatients right at Civo. We can also confirm that our supporters paraphernalia [drums, flags, banners] were set ablaze by Silver Strikers fans and that our Team Manager’s car was also targeted and was left with a deflated tyre,” the statement from Eagles reads.

“Following the referee’s decision to end the match since stones and other objects were still being hurled onto the pitch by Silver Strikers fans despite their officials’ efforts to calm them down, Blue Eagles FC left Civo Stadium for Nankhaka, Area 30 before sunset.”

The match was abandoned with seven minutes to full time as Eagles were leading 4-0 with goals from Wonder Jelemani, Gilbert Chirwa, John Malidadi Junior and Schumacher Kuwali.

The game of football matures after 75 minutes which means Silver are likely to lose the match.

After the match, referees led by Mayamiko Kanjere were whisked away by the security personnel for their safety.

Fisd Marketing and Communications Officer, Wezzie Chiumia, said they hope Fam would act on the matter.

“It’s sad that what seemed to be a great and delightful day ended that way, and we regret that two fans were injured; as reported by the media. We hope our partner Fam who has done an excellent job since the launch of this year’s edition will get to the bottom of what happened and ensure that such things do not happen again.

“Like we usually say; we always want Malawians to go to the stadiums with their families to watch these matches,” he said.

It is not the first time the supporters have shown their frustrations by throwing stones into the field.

Last year, Nyasa Big Bullets were banned from taking part in this year’s Airtel Top 8 Cup due a similar fracas after they lost 1-0 to Eagles at Bingu National Stadium.

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