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Singer Jimmy Phiri’s launch delays to start

Youthful gospel singer Jimmy Phiri on Sunday launched a DVD of his first album Yahweh Amandikonda at Robin’s Park in Blantyre.

People however, had to wait for a long time as the launch delayed to start due to power problem.

The artist could not hide his frustration with the delay in starting the show and apologised to people.

“It was not our own making, when everything was set to start so many problems kept on clipping in but I thank God that he took control of everything and I am happy that I have finally launched the DVD.

I just want to apologise to the people because I know others came in good time but having waited for long, they left but some waited and I say thank you for the love and support,” said Phiri.

The show also suffered a setback as it did not manage to pull a huge audience.

This launch came barely a day after another gospel musician Sangwani Munthali launched his third album Ndipulumutseni and a DVD of this second album Themba which also received a poor audience.

Phiri, who launched his debut album Yahweh Amandikonda last year, also seems to have not done enough in terms of promoting the show hence the poor turnout.

He admitted that they did not do enough in terms of promoting the launch but was quick to point out that he was satisfied with the turnout.

“Of course I would have loved to have a huge audience but I am happy with the few that came who gave me the much needed support. For me what mattered most was the launch and also the performance so I am happy,” he said.

Phiri said he has more to offer to the music industry and that people should watch the space for his forth coming album.

“I already have the songs for the album so the launch of the DVD today is just a testimony of more things to come from me. We will be looking at launching the DVD in other areas with resources permitting,” said the singer.

The artist put up a splendid performance during the launch and as the main man he closed the chapter.

He performed live backed by Inspired Worshippers Band and there were moments the artist shed tears when he was singing.

“Don’t be surprised that I am crying, I had to because today is a special day for me. So many things came up which threatened this show but God is good all the time,” said the artist in between his performance.

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