Singer John Pen resurfaces


Musician John Pen has resurfaced with a music video ‘Taxi-Man.’

This is second video the artist is releasing this year off his 2016 album Warlord.

In February this year, Pen released another video ‘Freedom.’


The ‘Taxi-Man’, video has been directed by Platinum and audio was produced by South Africa-based dancehall artist, Lipy G.

A syrupy melody with pure touch of ingenuity, the song endears the pain of a man overburdened by taxes.

The song highlights the pain human beings have to go through in life just to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the state by overtaxing its citizenry.


Pen is musician who fuses hip-hop, club, dub-reggae, afro pop, acoustic and experimental styles.

The artist is currently working on his Searching album project.

“I am in the process of gathering material for that album project. Music lovers should expect world class compositions with poetic lyrics,” Pen said.

The musician who draws inspiration from the likes of Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley and Mutabaruka is signed under USA and UK labels.

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