Sinking too low


With Madalitso Musa:

On my sick-bed last week, I was struck by utter embarrassment and a weakening feeling of what this country has become.

It was all because of some hastily scripted, awkwardly rehearsed and underwhelmingly performed play called press briefing by women who are, or were, in defence of Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) Chairperson Jane Ansah, who has presided over an atrocious election which we will all remember with disgust for very long time.


For all those who think Malawi first, the issue has small proportion of who and larger one on what and why. The women who were on that drab and irritating show of a spurious defence of a sham gender movement will—in their moments of silence—appreciate that their tearful act was silly and unworthy to be taken seriously.

Their premise was so ridiculous and too vain and basic. They said, and still say, the reason people want Mec Chairperson out of the picture is only motivated by malice and gender bias. Nothing else. They went on to cry, cry, cry like babies whose last drop of milk has been snatched by some bad maid.

But the truth is, and the criers know, people are mad because the elections were conducted in the most controversial manner one can ever imagine. To whichever and whatever party you belong, at least, if you have good conscience, you would accept that the elections left so much to be desired.


Any country worth the name cannot be celebrating having altered result sheets and just go to bed and wait for another chance to present itself to have properly conducted election.

Mec knows that it messed up big time and must have some good fortune to redeem itself. I said earlier on this space that elections are a sensitive issue and must be handled with all seriousness. We have a country to save and serve, and one way is to make sure all sensitive issues are handled with utmost care.

I know—and you, too, know—that the issue is not really about serving and saving the country for most, but at least we must have a conviction to make things right so that posterity will not blame us for destroying a country that was already in the process of destruction.

As some have always said, Malawi is bigger than all of us and we must look beyond the flashy cars, the edifices and what being in prominent positions brings us. We must be thinking beyond that.

As of now, the country is messy and needs salvation. But salvation will never come if we have people close to the president who go in town faking tears as if what they are on is a course; that is, to serve our country.

Those tears, simply put, will tell you how people would become anything just to make sure their positions are secured. The juggling, brothers and sisters, is just about what has become of this country.

The casualness that some can choose to go and shed tears that even crocodiles would be ashamed to, will tell you how much people care more about themselves and care less about a nation that is unhappy. All people need is personal happiness and nothing else. This country, countrymen, needs people who must change the course of our sail otherwise with these fake criers, we will continue to be sinking too low.

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