Skeffa Chimoto’s 6th message


By Sam Banda Jnr:

Skeffa Chimoto has come a long way to be where he is today in music. It has not been easy but with passion and determination he has managed to build his own brand in music.

Tonight, Skeffa is out and ready to offer people his fresh sounds from his sixth album Masomphenya at Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe.


Forget about songs from his previous albums, which have put him in the limelight, for it is time to sample new songs.

Skeffa will be seeking nothing but to make history as he will be launching an album at the venue for the first time.

“I thought I needed to reach out to a different audience that has over the years failed to patronise some of my live performances in other venues. So this is a chance for these people but then after this I will also take the album to other areas,” Skeffa said.


Better known as The Jamming Machine for his energetic live acts, Skeffa has earned praise from people with his new album having dropped some promotional songs that are currently enjoying airplay.

Event coordinator for the launch, Levison Msakambewa, appealed to people to come in large numbers and be part of the launch.

“Skeffa has worked very hard putting up this album and it is coming after a five year break. He is ready with his Real Sounds Band and there are surprises,” Msakambewa said.

The launch will be hosted by musician Patience Namadingo, with Ben Mankhamba set to make a special appearance.

Just as he has done in his previous albums where he has offered more songs zeroing in on issues of love, Skeffa has done the same in Masomphenya.

“Love takes a huge part in our lives and that is why I take more time to compose songs on love. I have a couple of songs on love,” Skeffa said of the 10-track album.

Recorded at Real Sounds Studio, the four promotional songs he dropped are ‘Yesu’, ‘Ndikumazisowa’, ‘Pakalapakala’ and ‘Mundikonda’.

In love with reggae, having been inspired by the late Lucky Dube, Skeffa has once again shown skill coming up with songs that have mature messages.

The musician has not run away from his style despite recording the album at his studio.

In ‘Mundikonda’, he sings about the love of God and the blessings given to him to be where he is today.

In the song ‘Ndikumazisowa’, he dwells on the love between man and woman.

It is a song where a lover is crying for lost love from a beloved one and looks back to the love they used to share when they were in courtship.

The track follows up on some of the romantic songs Skeffa has produced in previous albums such as Chikondi and Chinamuluma Chakuda.

Just as he has done in one of his previous albums composing the song ‘Ndife Amodzi’ where he calls for love and unity between Malawians regardless of political differences, he has also composed another track of the same ‘Pakalapakala’.

With the country set to hold elections in May next year, the musician seems to have taken into account of this as he calls on people to love one another and refrain from violence.

In the song he speaks about what happens when politicians castigate each other during campaigns.

He goes on to say that there should be no person losing life because of politics and further calls for love and unity.

In the song, he prays that God should continue blessing Malawi so that it should remain peaceful.

Skeffa’s previous albums include Nabola Moyo, Tisawanyoze, Ndife Amodzi, Chikondi and Wekha.

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