Smell the cheese often


“Smell your cheese often; so you know when it is getting old”. Wait a minute; I am not going to get the glory for that because it is not mine but Spencer Johnston’s as recorded in the book, “Who took my cheese”.

I decided I would heed the advice and smell my internet connection cheese just in case, out there was a much better service provider. It is for this reason that I had set out to look for alternatives from unusual places.

Currently, I use WiMax internet and connect with a dongle from the award-winning Malaysian company Green Packet. Nothing wrong with the dongle; it is just that I wanted to upgrade my internet life with an indoor Gateway.


While a dongle connects your computer to the civilized world of the internet, a Gateway connects a network of computers to the same.

When it comes to computer usage, I am as truly polygamous as the biblical Solomon. Computers die and usually they don’t give much warning. When they do, I love to move on at the speed of light.

The Green Packet indoor gateway has two network ports. This allows for two computers to be connected via a wired network.


It emits WiFi a signal; that extends the connection to smartphones and tablets. This means that with one internet pipe, all the gadgets can happily be supplied with civilization.

SkyBand demands foreign currency for the gadget; USD 100 dollars, and your bank account suffers a K83, 880 knock. My current service provider, TNM asks for Kwachas not in excess of K80, 000.

SkyBand has several consumer internet packages on its 4G network (This is really LTE). You can choose between the limited and uncapped options. The capped subscription model is alluring; with an advanced payment of $14 (MK 11,743.20) per month, 5GB data is all yours to use and abuse.

The beauty is that you need not panic and munch the 5GB as hurriedly as possible; the data won’t expire until 12 calendar months. There is a caveat though; the price does not include the government’s cut: 10% excise duty and 16.5% VAT.

If you are a free bird and hates boundaries, you may opt for unlimited Night Rider subscription model. At $50, it is not cheap but gifts you passport to misuse internet from 6 PM to 7 AM weekdays and all weekend for 30 days. And don’t forget to add what is due unto Caesar in the equation.

Globe Internet only wants K75, 000 for the Green Packet indoor gateway. If you pay K187, 400, the company lets you use 90GB of data for 90 days. 150 GB leaves you K312, 350 poorer. And if you have the money, why not go all the way and get 300 GB for K499, 750; that is if you have the with withal to chomp that much in just 90 days.

What shall we say about these things? Sky Band’s extended usage time for data is beautiful. It is woeful that the company bills in USD; every time the dollar sneezes, you get a cough.

Globe internet offers smell corporate. Surely, they are not meant for some of us who climb mountains not for the gold deposits but to admire God’s amazing creativity from the mountaintop.

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