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Social Musings: Invest in the people


There are a lot of innovations and inventions in this world. Mind blowing and awesome innovations that leave people intrigued and inspired.

From the computers that keep advancing, to the cars that keep getting better, the buildings that keep getting taller to the medicines that keep us alive longer.

The other day I had an interesting thought and I put it down as follows: with your phone now you have your television, your work, your art gallery, your chatroom, your gospel and the like all in one place. I find this fascinating.


This is how advanced the world has become and this is how far technology has evolved. This is how much things have been simplified and this is how much time is now saved. For instance, i n stead of going to the library in town to search for a book, all one needs to do is search on a book application and download the book.

We are living in a world that is full of magnificent things.

But, these things all come down to one thing. People.


There is always a brain behind all these innovations and inventions. There are brains behind anything humanly possible on this earth. The fact is, in the right environment and under the right circumstances, the human being is a productive maniac.

The right environment and the right circumstances vary from one person to other; some work better in active places, some are more productive in the calm and quiet, some work better with strict dead l ines and rules, and some are inspired
in the places where they feel free to express themselves with no restrictions.

Everyman has his own distinct ticker.

In companies and various organisations, employees work better in an environment where they are motivated and appreciated according to their distinct needs and capabilities. It is imperative that supervisors not view every employee under the same lens because people are different.

It is the duty of an employee to apply for a job that suits their desires, passions and abilities but at the same time it is the responsibility of the supervisors to exploit the best ways to motivate the employees in their work. Motivated employees are productive employees. I have met motivated employees, and oh my, there is nothing like a motivated employee when it comes to productivity.

Unfortunately, not all companies in the country invest in exploring the motivations of employees
and their productivity tickers.

Most companies focus too much on the numbers forgetting the people who actually make the numbers add up. Superiors focus so much on making profit and pleasing ‘the board’ and other stakeholders so as to preserve their own reputation.

But the success of the organization does not solely rely on profit and numbers but also building a strong workforce and reputation of the company as whole.

Various companies are going under because they are not investing in the people who work there and the people who contribute to the day to day miniscule details of the company. As they say, it is the little things that make a difference, and the same applies for companies. The little differences the people in the company are making day to day build up to the success of the whole company at the end of the month, year or decade.

How can a company move forward when half the work force is disgruntled? Typically employees complain about not feeling appreciated, not having enough time to rest and having little room for growth and worse, the uncertainties of job security.

Some companies believe that since they have so much money they can afford to have people come and go as often as possible just because they can pay them. In this case, no investment is done to unleash the productivity of employees.

The workforce is an important aspect of any organization or company and it should always be respected and elevated. We can have all the best technical strategies out there, the best machines and all the money in the world; but if we fail to take the people to the greatest levels of productivity, it becomes a futile journey.

The country is going through a rough time economically and we need people in both the private and public sector to be as productive as possible so that we can improve the s i tuat ion in the country. I rest my case.

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