Soldier mourns Walycris Wanyengo


Soldier Lucius Banda Thursday joined the nation in mourning fellow musician Walycris Wanyengo real name Wyson Laifoh famed for the hit ‘Achalume’, who died last Friday in Zimbabwe in a bus accident on his way to Malawi from South Africa where he had performances with Zembani Music Company.

The remains of Walycris Wanyengo are expected in the country today according to information from Matours Bus.

Soldier speaking in an exclusive interview Thursday at Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre after undergoing dialysis, said he has been unwell.


“I am getting better now but it has been hard. I got sick in South Africa such that I could not manage to finish off one of the shows. The management team in South Africa led by Samuel Mwale tried their level best to fly me back home,” the ‘Mabala’ star, who was struggling to walk, said.

He said he jetted into the country on a wheel chair before going straight to the hospital where he was admitted.

“I received the sad news about Walycris Wanyengo whilst I was in hospital. I was shocked and I could not speak and this is why I asked Samuel Mwale to speak on my behalf,” Lucius said.


He described Walycris Wanyengo as a talented artist, who he knew only recently.

“He was so close to Nepman and we ended up bringing him to the launch of my 20th album Love and Hate where he did exceptionally well. On our tour in South Africa, we normally arrange three shows and the management team in South Africa asked us to include him as he was fancied by many Malawians in the rainbow nation,” Lucius said.

He said it has always been their plan in most of their travels in South Africa to go by road as flights are expensive.

“We have done that in the past but in most cases we end up losing out and so, as Zembani Music Company we agreed to be going by road and where flights work then the better. We did the same this time but for me because of my condition I had to fly,” Lucius said.

He said Zembani Band led by Sam Smack left earlier with him leaving later as he had a show in Blantyre that saw him being backed by Mapale Band.

“I performed with difficulties this show as I had undergone dialysis and the situation got worse in South Africa before I was assisted to fly back,” Lucius said.

He said Zembani Music Company had gigs in Blantyre ahead of Christmas as well as Walycris, who had concerts in Lilongwe.

“So, Zembani Band members including Sam Smack, Nepman and Johnny travelled by Matours Bus for Blantyre whereas Walycris travelled with Matours Bus for Lilongwe for him to catch up with concerts in the capital city and that it when he received the sad news that the Matours Bus heading to Lilongwe had been involved in an accident,” Lucius said.

He said just like any other Malawian, who loved the artist; he was saddened by his death.

“Although I was not well, I had to do my level best to make sure that the remains of Walycris come home and since the accident happened in Zimbabwe, it was tough to do the paper work but we are happy that the remains will be in the country tomorrow (Friday),” Lucius said.

He then joined Malawians in consoling the deceased’s family.

“We are thankful to the Vice President, who donated K500,000 and has been given to the deceased family. We are also thankful to all those who have assisted during this difficult time,” Lucius said.

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