Solomonic Peacocks student invited to South Africa


One of Solomonic Peacocks student Fumbani Phiri has been invited to South Africa to participate in a theatre residency programme.

Phiri will participate in the 2017 Next Generation Residency at the Cradle of Creativity (19th Assitej World Congress and Performing Arts Festival) in Cape Town running from May 16-27.

The organisers of the residency said in a letter of invitation that they were delighted that Phiri made it out of the 277 applications.


The Solomonic Peacocks student is one of the 30 participants from Africa and the rest of the world who will participate in the residency.

However, the organisers have indicated that Phiri should be responsible for finding support for his visa and international travel.

Solomonic Peacocks Executive Director, McArthur Matukuta, said yesterday that they were  happy that one of their students had been invited to the theatre programme.


“What he needs is only transport from Malawi to South Africa and back. And there is also a grant for this purpose where he can apply and as a group we will help him to get the transport but all other related costs are provided,” Matukuta said.

He said that Phiri applied for the residency with assistance from Solomonic.

“There are a lot of benefits because Assitej promotes theatre for young people. This will promote exposure of Malawian youthsto international platforms as far as theatre is concerned,” Matukuta said.

He said the country will have an opportunity to establish an Assitej chapter.

“Theatre development skills and programmes for young people at professional level will open the doors to Malawi. This organisation operates like Music Crossroads,” Matukuta said.

He also said that with this programme, there will be a continuation journey for those involved in Association of Teaching of English in Malawi, French Drama Schools competition and National Schools Arts Festival.

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