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Somebody may be spying on your phone

Spying on mobile phones comes in all sorts. There is the unprofessional approach that is usually practiced by suspecting spouses; waits until water starts spouting from the shower, picks up your phone and starts snooping on what is on it.

And there is the high-tech version where software (spyware) is remotely installed on your phone. That piece of malware patiently waits for an opportunity to steal your e-banking password or some important documents.

How can I tell? You are probably asking. Because spyware uses your phone, the battery will drain faster than usual. Beware that this is not a sure proof because other background activities like Facebook may be responsible for this behavior. You might also notice your phone feels warmer even when you are not using it that much. This could be a sign that malware is busy using your phone when you are not.

Some spyware is so uncanny that can listen to your conversations by making them conference calls. When this happens, you usually hear echoes or strange noises during calls.

Spyware uses your data bundles to send information to the hunter. Have you recently noticed that your network usage is higher than your liking yet you have not installed any new apps? Chances are that you have spyware lurking and will soon pounce.

Have I scared you to death? Well I think I should stop here; that is enough. I know that sometimes we are a people that can be very superstitious. It is very possible that somebody is already getting ready to visit a witch doctor for spyware protection after reading this. Slow down. All you need to do is to download and install free antispam for your phone.

If you have an Android phone, you may wish to try out Screen Lock Guardian. It is an amazing piece of code and has fantastic features that even keep out low-tech spies like jealousy husbands and wives. The app lets you add a screen-lock code or a security pattern that supplements your phone’s pin code. Whenever you leave your phone unattended, Screen Lock Guardian will report to you how recently someone tried to open your phone. When the intruder enters a wrong pin code, the app automatically takes a photo with the front camera and stores the evidence for you.

The app picks suspecting spyware activities and prompts you for action. If you have a windows or iOS phone, do not despair, visit Microsoft or Apple Store and pick a free antispam.

We now live in some time-space where phones are custodians of our important information. While this betters our lives, there are unscrupulous individuals that are waiting to get hold of that data and make your life miserable. Be prudent; install protection and have peaceful nights.

I have warned you.

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