Sorry; I am not a shoplifter


Spar shops is a place to be. Not so much about lower prices but the merchandise art, even Steve Jobs would have pleasantly grinned. But is the shopping outlet offering amazing service? Hold on; what is service? It is about three things: welcome, comply and goodbye.
Do not start imagining things; I never conceived the list; I shoplifted it from Holtz Shulze’s grocery of service semantics.
Spar Shops wear an aura of welcoming scent. The shops stock therere (okra), big bread enough go round our bloated and extended families and lemons for those that cannot afford milk. The problem is that instead of bidding you so good farewell that you would want to come back, a watchman standing by the exit demands proof of purchase in some hoarse voice that seems to insinuate that you were up to no good.
It is not only Spar; Game, Chipiku Plus, The Food Market and many others suffer from the same service malaise. I am reliably informed that these shops use manual labour to complement CCTV technology.
CCTV does not track stocks. It stores footage of shop activity on a PC’s hard drive, a very useful tool when a customer brings in a query. Other than that, it is a measly dormant electronic security guard.
Imagine for a moment, a situation where the barcode is a simple chip that can transmit information to the networked point-of-sale system. In that way, the shock can track location of every item in its stock.
Imagine further that the chip is so programmed that if any article is taken beyond the exit point, the system will trigger an annoying alarm to alert otherwise idle security personnel.
Dreaming in snow-white colour, think of a situation where you can walk into Shoprite, fill the shopping cart and without having to queue, walk right out. As you exit, electronic reader detects every item on your shopping basket. The shop’s point-of-sale system issues a bill and uploads it onto National Bank’s MO626 mobile banking system.
As you offload the groceries into your car, your mobile beeps to indicate how much money has been debited from your bank account.
Verily, verily I say unto you that this is no longer some utopia. This technology is available and is called Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid). Initially limited to tracking cattle, the technology is being utilised in product tracking by manufacturers, vehicle tracking systems, tracing patients with life-threatening ailments like diabetes and even pursuing pets.
Is your wife irresistibly attractive? Is your husband’s wallet so fat that it catches the attention of young beautiful women? Implant an RFID tag into her or his body and let your Samsung Galaxy S8 track movements.
All I am trying to say is that, I am not a shoplifter, I am here to buy.
I rest my case.

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