SOS spends K70m on homeless people


A mother of 10, Kestina Saka, could not hide her joy last week when she received a K2 million modern house from SOS Children’s Village of Malawi. The new house moves Saka from her old two bed-roomed house which was too small for the 10 children.

“My husband died in 2012 and it has not been easy to raise the 10 children by myself. I simply grow maize for consumption and I do not harvest enough for the entire year. My old house was so small and bad for living. It would leak and it was a torture to us all. Today I am speechless to have received this modern house from SOS. Thank you very much. Life has improved,” said Saka when SOS handed over 10 houses to the beneficiaries in Mzuzu.

Tryness Nyirenda, a mother of five, is another beneficiary and her first house was partly grass thatched. She says she did not have comfortable sleep since her husband died in 2011 because she needed a better house.


“I have peace of mind now. What I struggle with is the care for the children. I sell bananas for a living. It is not easy. If I buy K1 000 bananas, I usually get K500 profit,” said Nyirenda.

SOS Family Strengthening Coordinator Andrew Mang’anda said the two women were among the 10 families that faced housing problems in Mzuzu. Mang’anda said in total 35 households have benefited from the low cost housing programme since 2012 in Mzuzu. He said each house costs about K2 million.

Mang’anda thanked their partner Habitat for Humanity Malawi that builds the houses using local resources thereby empowering the communities.


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