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Sounds of Malawi keeps artists active

SOUNDS OF MALAWI—John Fire performs last Thursday

Since its inception three years ago, Sounds of Malawi Acoustic Session, held every Thursday at Jacaranda Cultural Centre (JCC) in Blantyre, has engaged artists on its stage, keeping them lively and connecting them to various players, host ethno-musician Waliko Makhala said Wednesday.

Makhala, who has been in the creative industry for years, took over hosting of the event from fellow musician Code Sangala, who is currently in United States of America.

“Despite taking a break due to Covid, we are back now and we are happy that people are embracing this platform to enjoy music from Malawi. We are trying to widen our net so that we bring to the stage artists from all the regions,” he said.

Makhala said, through the stage, they want to challenge artists to be creative and work hard in their craft to give people quality music.

Since opening up this year, the stage has hosted artists such as Lucky Stars Band led by Boniface Ndamera, Agorosso and Apostle Jimmy.

Last Thursday, Sounds of Malawi hosted John Fire and today it features Goma Nyondo.

During last Thursday’s show, John Fire, real name John Ndaferankhande, journeyed with the audience across the country showing the splendor of Malawi through fusion of traditional dances in his music.

Some of the traditional dances that took centre stage in his music include malipenga from the Northern Region and Beni from the Southern Region.

Despite not attracting a huge audience, John Fire did not compromise on his performance.

He said, after the performance, that he was happy to have performed at JCC once again.

The Blantyre-based artist said he was looking forward to releasing his fourth album later this year.

“I have learnt a lot of lessons through this platform; there are times when I have also come just to watch and I have enjoyed every moment. We need these platforms as part of promoting our music,” John Fire said.

Some of John Fire’s previous albums include Wondilenga, Emmanuel and Nkumano.

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