Spare the school girls please


There are some men who look decent as they walk, work or drive their vehicles around town.

They wear expensive clothes, drive posh vehicles, and wear innocent faces; yet they are demons. They go around town, chasing for very young school girl, so as to engage them in illicit affairs.

Some of these men have good positions in the society, religious circles inclusive. They pose to be innocent men, people of integrity, yet they are hundred percent a rotten lot.


They seduce and lure these young school girls with thick bundles of cash, airtime, internet bundles and all sorts of gifts, only to erode the girl’s virginity and equally infect them with diseases.

This is the subject before us in the Crew. The bulk of the members are saying it could be wise for these ‘high libido’ demons to chase night queens…mahusha…and leave the young girls alone.

“Why should a man of his senses date a young girl of 12, even any with ages less than 18? Si ufiti umenewu? And yet some of these creatures claim to be devout Christians or Muslims! And what is more shocking is that some of our Parliamentarians and top politicians are also part of this insanity – while their friends are busy deliberating in Parliament, they are busy in rest houses sleeping with our girl children…shame!” ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M almost screams as he leads the debate.


Ah, inu, musakhale ngati simuchita nawo [don’t pretend to be Holy], are you also not in the habit of hooking young prostitutes when you go to Chigwiri in Lilongwe, or the New Devil Street near Luwinga Market in Mzuzu, or at Mangochi Boma?” challenges Joe ’Being Joe’, who looks he is one of the devils that abuse our school girls.

But he is reprimanded by the bulk of the Crew, which instils some moral sense in him, telling him outright to change or face the possibility of being ejected from the Crew.

“You know what, let us all know that despite the fact that members of the Crew are famed for lots of scandals, but we will not allow one of us to abuse young girls. I tell you, any of us, myself inclusive,” says Lackson.

“We are actually proposing that we lobby government and our local government authority to put in place drastic laws that would severely punish those men that chase for school girls. It is stupid to have misconceptions that going out with school girls makes families last long as school girls would not brave confronting MG1 [first wives]. This must be stopped, lust or no lust, leave girls alone, let them finish their education and grow into responsible citizens,” says ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M.

And the Crew also unanimously agrees that government [and Parliament] puts a clause in the statutes [laws] that anyone found guilty of impregnating, sleeping with, or forcing young school girls into sexual relationships; should be castrated.

“These devils deserve to be castrated or life imprisonment without an option of fine or a pardon. These are vultures in our society that are eroding decency of our girls, corrupting the young girls’ minds with cash and luxurious presents, only to pollute their morals and bodies..Even infect them. And it is not only school girls that are being preyed at, no, some of these ‘seemingly decent’ men, actually sleep with their young girl house maids..What a shame, they must be punished!” says Lackson, amid ovation of all.

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