Sports Council turns to private sector

George Damson

Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) has started engaging the public sector in its efforts to woo the corporate world to invest in sports.

Sports Council acting Executive Officer Shephord Boma and his team courted the Institute of Marketing in Malawi during its conference in Salima to promote the just ended Malawi Youth Games.

“Government alone cannot develop sports. We need the private sector to come in and complement government’s efforts in promoting sports. We persuaded the Institute of Marketing in Malawi to give us a slot to promote sports and, in this case, we promoted Malawi Youth Games,” he said.


Boma said this was not the first time that Sports Council dated the corporate world, saying they recently made a similar presentation when they met the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (Icama).

Institute of Marketing in Malawi Vice President George Damson said the private sector in Malawi was becoming attracted to sports sponsorship as part of their brand-building initiatives through sponsorship marketing.

“I am sure you have seen big companies like FDH Bank, Mukuru, Airtel, NBS Bank, Ecobank, Standard Bank, First Capital Bank, Rab Processors and Cori, among others, all taking an interest in sports one way or another.


“The partnership between Malawi National Council of Sports and the Institute of Marketing in Malawi was birthed out of the realisation of the critical role our members play in championing causes like sponsorship marketing or, even in some cases, corporate social responsibility initiatives that are aimed at promoting sports,” he said.

Damson hailed MNCS for partnering organisations.

Meanwhile, Sports Council is also calling for support towards the hosting of Region 5 Games.

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