Sports v Whats-App groups’ outbreak


Some experts have suggested that disciples of Abraham Maslow should revise the pyramid of his theory of Psychological Needs by including a smart-phone. We cannot do without this wicked gadget.

The American psychologist (deceased) classified needs into layers, with psychological needs of food, love and shelter at basement.

Maslow theorised that once these basics are satisfied, human beings aspire for the next layer of needs.


This goes on and on up to self-actualisation which is at the apex of the needs.

Whats-App, which a smart phone offers, deserves a place in the starting XI of the basic needs. It is no longer a luxury.

On a smart-phone, you can just do about everything— making calls, business transactions, texting and sharing video clips with important others.


The smart-phone craze is part of information and communication technology that defines the 21st century.

Those who fail to catch up with technological advancements risk redundancy in this century.

Agreed, right?

However, as is the case with any technological advancement, the smart-phone is being abused.

People spend five hours capturing unnecessary video clips, rumour-mongering and gossiping on Whats-App.

You might be wondering as to what all this has to do with sports. Truth is Whats-App craze affects every sphere of life, sports inclusive.

The smart-phone can, if abused, erode discipline and work ethic in sports. Smart-phones can undermine social interaction and encourage laziness.

Athletes need self discipline to train and observe team ethics.

Without discipline you would have a coach giving out instructions while a player is busy Whats-Apping and taking videos.

Being an athlete is about sacrifice. An athlete who spends the whole night What- Apping instead of sleeping is likely to struggle on the pitch or court the following day.

Defender Stanley Sanudi landed himself in hot blue soup last week after posting a video of himself in a car while bragging about money he returned home with from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If his team, Be Forward Wanderers, had won the Caf Champions League preliminary round match, Sanudi’s video clip would have been treated as trivia.

But we are talking about someone having the cheek to brag about money from a Kinshasa adventure which brought tears at the Lali Lubani Road.

He posted the video after Wanderers’ 4-0 loss to AS Vita.

To avoid this, some coaches confiscate mobile phones from footballers when they are in camp so as to enhance concentration on a task at hand.

Many sports administrators spend precious time chatting on Whats-App when they are supposed to be working. Every piece of civilisation has its flipside.

Whats-App is no exception.

I belong to 15 What-App groups, and to be honest, I was harassed into being added into most of the groups without any sense of courtesy.

Only five of the groups I belong to are worth membership as the rest are about chatting and gossiping, which does not enhance performance.

This Whats-App outbreak needs to be tamed before things get out of hand. Go to Asia and you will find people working day and night while the majority of the poor in this part of the world are busy Whats-Apping.

What-App is software which someone innovated, and you cannot come up with such an innovation by just chatting.

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