‘Spouses and Workmates’ premiers on Times TV


Times TV will Monday premier the first episode of Spouses and Workmates, an in-house production drama series which will dwell on social relationships that exist at the office and home.

The series will focus on two families; a happily married family that will be distracted by a single lady from the man’s workplace and another marriage on the rocks due to mistrust issues.

Times Group Chief Commercial Manager, Dumisani Ngulube, said the TV station has been inspired by South Africa’s popular drama series Generation.


“Generation is produced by South African Broadcasting Corporation (Sabc) and it tackles issues that affect South Africans. We realised that if it would be an in-house production then it would be easy to manage. We want people to draw one or two lessons. It’s time we stopped hiding these things. We can’t pretend that there are no relationships that happen at the workplace despite having families at home,” Ngulube said.

Ngulube also said the idea to come up with the series was borne out of research and insights from viewers.

“The beauty of drama series is that there is a following. It’s contagious and addictive at the same time. People always look forward to what happens next. After the research we thought of coming up with this drama series,” Ngulube said.


Ngulube argued that the station chose this particular theme because social relationships affect every person in the society.

“There is politics on one side, business the other side, among other things, but one of the things that make and break us are social relationships. You may be a business man or a successful career person but if you get caught up in a wrong relationship, it may have a huge impact on your business and career,” Ngulube said.

The series, which will be produced by award-winning actress Flora Suya, will not be the first and last in-house drama series.

“We want this thing to outgrow us and to go beyond our lifetimes. We may change direction in future but the drama series are here to stay. This is just the beginning and for us the sky is not the limit. We will look at other possibilities once we get favourable response from our viewers and most importantly the project sponsors— the advertisers— then we will be looking into investing in yet other drama series,” Ngulube said.

The drama series will join Times Group initiatives such as the mega dance competition, Kajive— which has been running for three consecutive years.

“Times Group has a philosophy which says ‘Leading is our way of life’ and this is simply a testimony of what we do. We open new roads, we break the barriers, we go into unimaginable spaces, and it’s our way of life. There is no television station that has developed an in-house production of a drama series apart from Times [Television],” he said.

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